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    Does any Pakistani Knows

    Does any Pakistany knows howmany political parties in Pakistan? what are their mandates? What is the diff. between them ? is there any nationalist party?

    Yeah! We have everything except martial law & terrorism.

    Fata Morgana


      Do you (realpaki) know that Does and Knows dont go together


        Whats the purpose of your questions?
        Why do you need this information?
        To feed more hate against Pakistanis and Muslims, to your Indian friends and family?



          Real Paki ... Your supposed to know better since you are "REAL PAKI"


            There are no parties in Pakistan. Even when there is a party, no alcohol is served. So, there are only dry parties. If you want to come to one of them, let us know. We will arrange for some Hafeem for you. By the way, do you like dry parties?


              In Bhuttos time, we only had one PATI and that was called AWAMI PATI. Like he use to say,

              YEAH AWAM KEY PATI HAY

              How true and we still think that he was a traitor.

              By the way realpaki why you change your name to realpaki from SAJJADM!!!!


                Ya and Bhutto used to say

                TERI PATI
                MERI PATI
                PEOPLES PATI
                SAB DEE PATI


                  Ehsan according to u r statement above u r saying "Pakistan ki patti"


                    K people I am kind of Lost, Is that the PATI kids refer to when they ... hmmm You know what I mean


                      A nation is reflected by the attitude of its citizans. While reading these messages I think that mighty Allah forgot to put brain in these people



                        If you are a real Paki, asking this question makes your identity more controversial. If not here is the answer.

                        I start with national parties and other religious, ethnic, sectarian in descending order.

                        National Parities

                        Pakistan People Party—Founder ZA Bhutto father of BN Bhutto— Mostly secular
                        Muslim League (Many versions each claim that their party is genuine founder Quaid-e-Azam) Blend of Secular and Islamic beliefs depending upon mix of members.

                        Religious Parties

                        Jamaat-e-Islami Founder Abul Aala Maududi- Islamic with Sunni bliefs
                        Jamiat-e-Ulmai Islam Fazalur Rehman Group- Founder Mufti Mahmood father of Maulana Fazalur-Rehman- Islamic with Sunni Beliefs
                        Jamiat-e-Ulmai Pakistan Niazi Group
                        Jamiat-e-Ulmai Pakistan Noorani Group. Both parties Islamic with Sunni beliefs
                        Fiqua-e-Jafria Islamic with Shi beliefs


                        NAP (National Awami Party Pakhtoon Khuwah) Founder Khan Abul Ghaffar Khan- (Party of Pakhtoon)
                        Jeay Sindh fonder G. M. Syed (Sindhi)
                        Jeay Sindh (Tarraqi Pasand) Founder Dr. Qadir Magsi (Sindhi)
                        Baloachistan National Alliance (Balauch Party)
                        MQM Fouder Iltaf Hussain (Party of Muhajir)
                        MQM (Haqiqi) (Party of Muhajir)
                        Saraiki Party (Saraiki Founder Taj Langah)


                        Sipah-e-Sahaba Party of Sunni militants
                        Fiqa-e-Jafria Pary of Shi militants (I did not remember its actual name)

                        Not yet specified

                        Tehrik-e- Insaf Party (Imran khan former cricketer )

                        Awami Tehreek (Maulana Tahrul Qadr)

                        This is the most prominent list of political parties in Pakistan, there might be others a but without any significance. Some parties’ names (Religious/Sectarian) may need corrections.


                        [This message has been edited by Farid (edited January 15, 2000).]


                          Thanks Fraid,

                          If we have so many political parties un able to manage nations business? What kind of political parties are these? Look at India, 24 parties coalation Govt. is managing the nations busuness. They have lots of internal differences but when it come to foreign policy, they are all one. Can we not take a lesson from them. Neither America nor Russia has any influance on India Right from first day of independence, India is for Indians,for Indians,by Indians Can we say like that? Constantly we are looking at other nations like America, Taleban etc. We have no self pride no self respect no determinationbut only to point fingers at India.

                          India is our nabour. We have no controll on that. We cannot denie it or change it. Its a giant nation. 3rd largest military in the world, 5th largest economy in the world.
                          Knowing this we have to compromise the situation, we must sacrifice some to gain
                          larger benefit.

                          Last 2000 years, lots of intruders came and gone, but India remains the same Indian

                          It is a time for all Non Resident Pakistani's to think and then react. I belive
                          after knowing western democracy, citizens rights and obligation, comparing with middle eastern dictatorship, we can make open minded decessions



                            I have already pointed out quite a long time ago why political parties are ineffective in other discussion. As usual politicians were mainly to blame by most of the participant in this forum for the fourth marshal law. But I never agree to that because democracy like other key institutions, was never allowed to establish its foundation right from 1947. The country has been mostly ruled directly or indirectly by military and bureaucracy. A number of times the elected governments were booted out by the man in uniform and throwing the constitution of country in the garbage. This is the main reason why those so many political parties are impotent today including the national parties such as PPP and ML.



                              I do understand, but what is the solution?

                              Can non resident pakistanies who has influance ( directly or indirectly) do any thing?