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call for boycott...

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    call for boycott...

    lots of nationality fakers about. high time we stopped responding to the bait of the imposters. lets just type "chee chee imposter " in reply to obvious flame baits.

    queer "da revolutionary"
    Simple ain't easy.

    Thanks Queer, I wanted to say this for sooo long time, khair I’m in…oh well if it is possible for me, as a mod. I wish more members would support this.


      For once I completely agree with you Queer.

      How about naming them. Well, I will start:

      Realpaki for starters


        i agree.

        some of the more self proclaimed moderate hindus who are trying to be so nice right now are the real cause of this. ppl like zz and rani and some of the others started this name calling about Pakistan and Islam. If you cant respect Islam for what it is then why hide ur face when we explore the hindu clan. thats the best way to shut these guys up.

        go in peace..


          Also note that suddenly Sarwar, Sajjadm, Pakistani gharib disappeared and realpaki and gajam came on the scene.


            Originally posted by ehsan:
            Also note that suddenly Sarwar, Sajjadm, Pakistani gharib disappeared and realpaki and gajam came on the scene.
            Why do you care what the nationality of a person is? If he is talking rubbish, tell him why you think so, not because he isn't a Pakistani or a Indian.


              Agni can you point out where is the nationality mentioned in my post. It will do you a lot of good if you read and understand the posting before replying.


                mundsayya, pls. continue to expose hindus. why not? let truth be faced.


                  Thank guyes,

                  You are realley thinking about me!!!!!

                  Shabas is busy in erasing my messages!!!!

                  This shows either you can't stand truth, or you have no knowledge of the subject, or plain and simple you just do not have brain
                  or you cannot stand stress,


                    What I can not stand that u r an indian and have no brain whatsoever and no sophistication to put the point, if any any, and u often have none


                      Dear Queer,

                      I would, but I have a little problem with the usage of the term “Boycott”. I think it is very sexist. If you mean “Perso-Cott” (perso as in Person) I will consider your suggestion. How about just Persecute.


                        Nyahmadi perse-cute??? what about the uncute and even outright ugly variety?

                        man even you aint politically correct holmes..

                        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                          real paki I think that your indians are the ones that cant face reality. I started going to a Indian forum at and they bannned me within one hour.
                          I have seen that sabah only deletes teh messages that use bad language etc even if they are against india and Hinduism.
                          I think that the moderator is very fair.
                          Pakistan Zindabad



                            Wokey! so we've got a few guys who are ready to fight the fakeoos.

                            sabah >> dont worry about the mod part, you are in.

                            ehsan >> thanx for agreeing, i really dont think there is any need to name them, coz everyone knows who the culprits are.

                            mundyaa >> ya thanx, but a lil easy on the religious abuses, you are just tempting others to hit out at your religion when all they want to do is hit out at you. neways, thats another topic...

                            agni >> it aint so easy, coz most stuff posted here is nonsense

                            realpaki >> chee chee imposter

                            NYAhmedi >> yu right! but we got just one..maybe two.. vemmen posting here... alright, no chances, if thats what you want..
                            it's a call for girlcott too. perso-cott makes it tooo official, and i want to be sexist. persecute is cool! and do consider the idea seriously, this imposter business is spoiling the forum.

                            Fraudia >> we'd like a few of your jokes in retaliation to flame baits. the poor miserable souls could use a laff.

                            ProudPakistani >> ignore the fakeoos. everyone knows GUPSHUP mods have always been fair.

                            And now, i call for ACTION!

                            From 0000 hrs GMT tomorrow, any fakeoo starting a thread shall be bombarded with naarebaazi. any member who thinks faking ones nationality and stirring meaningless fights is pathetic is welcome to throw a few tomatoes at the fakeoos.

                            fakeoos hai hai!!
                            Simple ain't easy.



                              No offense. Realpaki and you are the two faces of same coin. The only difference is that one face is crude, rusted and the other face is shiny. (diplomat)

                              For author of the post

                              I do not agree with the boycott. Let the people say whatever they want to say about Pakistan and Islam. Unless their views are known, how would you express yourself effectively to convince your point of view to the world. Let people like Rani, realpaki, ZZ or so called Indians write what ever they want to. The number of replies they get on their posts is incredible and enhanced the quality of discussions on this forum. I hope you are not jealous of their popularity.