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Kashmir : the "real" issue.

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    Kashmir : the "real" issue.

    here's a news item which appeared in the Dawn a couple of days back.

    Transmission tower blown up in Valley

    SRINAGAR, Jan 16: Freedom fighters blasted a transmission tower in the
    occupied Valley, plunging the entire region into darkness on Sunday.
    An official spokesman said the Mujahideen had blown up the tower in
    the district of Budgam, 30km northwest of here. Police said the
    freedom fighters had used an "improvised explosive device" to blast
    the tower, which supplies power from the Uri hydro-power station. "It
    will take a few days to repair the power lines. The tower has been
    extensively damaged in the blast," the spokesman said.
    Heavy snowfall in Kashmir has already disrupted power supply and
    region receives power for only four hours daily. Moreover, freedom
    fighters shot dead a pro-India Muslim politician, three of his family
    members and a policeman in the occupied Valley, officials said on
    Sunday. A renegade now working with Indian security forces was also
    killed by the Mujahideen elsewhere in the Valley. All killings
    occurred late Saturday, a police spokesman said.
    A group of freedom fighters, armed with AK-47 assault rifles, stormed
    into the house of Ghulam Qadir Bhat, a top leader of the ruling
    National Conference party, near Awantipura town, 30km south of here.
    They first shot dead one of Bhat's five police bodyguards, then
    entered the house and gunned down Bhat, who was known as Hindustani,
    and three family members from close range.
    The other police guards fought a brief gun battle with the attackers,
    wounding one of them. However the wounded Mujahid was taken away by
    the other comrades.
    Indian police and paramilitary forces immediately launched a massive
    combing operation in the region to track down the Mujahideen, the
    spokesman said. No further details were immediately available. Also
    overnight, another group of freedom fighters shot dead a renegade,
    Ghulam Qadir Hoora, who belonged to a group which assists the Indian
    security forces in their campaign against Mujahideen. -AFP

    how very ironic! the "mujahideen", comprising mostly of pakistanis, afghans and arabs arrive in kashmir on the pretext of defending muslims and end up blowing up vital lifelines and killing kashmiris. the "mujahideen" are just a ploy to terrorize the kashmiris into non-cooperation with the indian mainland, whether they like it or not, thus artificially widening the rift and make sure that an atmosphere of tension and fighting prevails over the valley. india has been making increased efforts to appease the kashmiris and has started listening to their grievances. but, the "mujahideen", are not impressed! rather, they have stepped up on their terror campaign. recently a landmine explosion in a marketplace killed 14 kashmiri civilians. a cinema theatre which opened despite threats from the mujahideen was razed to the ground and the muslim owner and family butchered. The "mujahideen" lack the credibility to fight for the kashmiris, they are but instruments of political goons from across the LoC. The next time you blame indian for making life hell for kashmiris, think of adding "mujahideen" to that list too.
    Simple ain't easy.


    so how it feels to be at the recieving end!!!
    remember the india giving all the material support to train those mukti bahni terrorists, sending indian army regulars along with those bahni terrrorists "on the pretext of helping out those oppressed bengalis!!!!" amazing.....but why moaning now????
    The next time you blame mujahedins for making life hell for kashmiris, think of adding "oppressing indian army" to that list



      receiving end? get it cleared - it's the kashmiris who are "receiving".

      so that's the idea, huh? - revenge for 1971, kashmir is besides the point, kashmiris dont even enter the picture...
      Simple ain't easy.



        thats funny!!....if its Kashmiris, then why u jumpin' around?? let the Kashmiris decide wat they want!!!!

        and no...its called tit for tat!!......
        if u'r not willing to come to a serious dialoge table, then we'll apply ur own trick to u keep u bleeding!



          Re: serious dialog table>> last one ended up in the kargil fiasco.

          Re: bleeding >> the "mujahideen" happen to be the youth of the golden cresent, it's investment for a better tomorrow. each "mujahid" comes with an AK-47 plus other accessories , the AK-47 alone's worth Rs.1.75 lakhs. i'll let you decide who's bleeding.

          Re: me jumping about>> just that all the double-talk of islamic brotherhood being the reason for the jihad was getting a bit too much to be suffered in silence
          Simple ain't easy.


            I dont know if the basic issue is even Kashmir..its the most concrete representstion of the mistrust and hatred , but may not be the core problem....
            I dont know If Congrss ever accepted Pakistan as a valid solution to the political turmoil of early century india? I dont know if there continues to be resentment in the heart of Nationalist indians against the division of country..The reason Kashmir became an issue is because from the get go, Pakistan was percieved ( like theMuslim league ) as the enemies of india.
            Remeber the comment made by Mrs Gandhi.." we have buried the two nation theory in the bay of bengal"...This represents a pretty hateful attitude, which I dont believe was entirely due to teh happenings after partition.
            On the other hand The very Ideology of Pakistan revolved around being everyhting opposite of india , Not the most conducive of mind sets....
            core issue in my opinion was the vast difference between the lifestyles of two religions. The only way of keeping two different ppl together is through a liberal system , which allows fairness and expression , resulting in decrease in mistrust and development of mutual respect...This didnt happen either in the days of monarchy,( which kept muslims deluded with a perverse sense of superiority) or during the days of the "Raj"
            British left india with a very immmature political system , incapable of bringing these two ppl together...And this has been snowballing since then, instead of greater communication, and resolution of differences , that could happen with industrial and later communication age, we are still using our energies to cultivate our mistrust...


              last one ended up in the kargil fiasco
              wat caused the kargil fiasco in the first place??? same old indian rhetoric that Kashmir is an internal problem of india....hence ur "Kargil fiasco"!!!!

              again u ducked the simple question...if u have so much concern for the Kashmiris, why not let them decide wat they want????? U start the process and "mujahidin" wont haunt u in ur dreams anymore!!

              who's bleeding??? ask ur indian army guys who had to move divisions from as far as asam to Kargil....why, just cuz 2/3 indian army is stuck upto the neck in kashmir valley!!

              the AK-47 alone's worth Rs.1.75 lakhs
              now, thats wat i call a news!....a startling revelation.....where u'v been doin' ur groceries lately?????

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                OK this might be stupid...i dont think it is!!!

                ...Pakistan and India should divide the currently disputed kashmir...
                ...i think it can be solved that way no one should have problem...get whole is NOT gona happen...if you give whole to one side war is gona happen and war means end of the world.


                Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***


                  It is amazing how no Indian will ever accept the following:

                  That the independence fight in Kashmir is being waged by the Kashmiris. Oh no according to them the Kashmiris love India. That's because they never see beyond puppets like Farooq Abdullah.

                  That to prove to the world that the Kashmiris love India and the only people who are fighting are foreigners they will hold a refrendum and prove the point beyond any shadow of doubt.

                  That democracy in India only means that if you agree with us fine, otherwise our trigger happy army will unleash its raping and killing for which they are famous.


                    oh please... india is bleeding through its nose and mouth in kashmir. one dead hindu is appoximately half a million rupees for india. and plus the terror in the army and public of Kashmiries... goes with it.
                    and how much does it cost to keep half a million army up and running in india? the numbers must be making vajpaee dilusional... no wonder he looks so nowadays. or is it god given "on every hindus face.

                    [This message has been edited by sabah (edited January 21, 2000).]


                      Mundyaa wrote >>the numbers must be making vajpaee dilusional... no wonder he looks so haraami nowadays. or is it god given "lanat" on every hindus face.<<

                      I am very glad that you are not my fellow citizen. Thank God for Pakistan, please stay on your side of the border. I can never be friends with someone with such low thinking.


                        Adaab Rani,

                        We haven't met earlier so hope you don't take my post in the negative..*smile*

                        Just wanted to say, that when you see posts/threads which you know for a fact are nothing but blatant baits of Provocation, avoid them if you can....

                        Not responding to them will dampen the provokater's spirits, keep you from getting enraged over "nothing" and hopefully and "eventually" create an conducive atmosphere of Your choice!

                        GupShup has always been the home of some very fiery, liberal and opinionated members.

                        But "mutual respect" was always the underlying theme....
                        Unfortunately, most who followed that route have gotten busy, but they aren't Dead! *wink*