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Russia to nuke chechnya

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    Russia to nuke chechnya

    Russia has announced a shift in its nuclear policy. It says that its nuclear doctrine is not for defence anymore. It will aslo use nuclear power to enforce its territorial integrity.

    When all other means of putting down an armed revolt/insurgence has failed Russia says it may use nuclear weapons (not the blockbusters; but the tiny mini/micro variety with limited & calculated damage potential- like the ones the Indians tested recently).

    Though it has not said so in explicit terms, it may be a mater plan to totally annihilate chechnya. When the russian army was making steady progress, they suddenly suffered 'mysterious' losses at the hands of ill-equipped, starved rebels. Now this doctrine.

    It may be a matter of weeks before there is a pull-out of russian troops followed by a limited nuclear attack levelling Grozny & other areas.

    I'm posting this to get the feedback from chechen supporters. Please try to keep religion out of this.

    Possibility of striking Chechens nukes is there. Chechens have to live with that.

    But there are some innocent terrorists(terrorists?) who are busy right now developing atomic grenades which will bring down all established powers to their knees.

    Yes! Yes! An atomic grenade can be carried in a shirt pocket like a cigarette lighter and is able to destroy a small town.

    We are simply passing through time. Man came late and will leave early. Other species will survive like usual.

    Fata Morgana


      #3 has a good analysis.