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    Its the Job of any news organization to present balanced view....Thats why its called news , i.e information rather then opinion.( If not "job" at least its the ethical responsibility)
    In this day and age of market economy , they also have to factor in the sellability of the product. If Pakis want and would pay for propaganda against india and vice versa, then the inherent Bias is understandable to some extent.
    I have followed the indian television and news papers for sometime now, and it seems very obvious how one sided their reporting is( pakistan media is not even in the discussion as they historically have been the unofficial voice of the government)
    Indian government , under the pressure of powerful extremist lobby seems to find it useful to take a rather over strict antipakistan stand, thats what politicians do and it is maybe less damaging to the popular opiniuon , but when media joins the rhetoric instead of giving picture from both sides , it can really damage opinions of masses.
    Indian institutions are thought to be more developed and liberal, but the behavoiur of Indian media negates that.... Which of course is disappointing...

    Interesting thread

    I believe that opinion rather then news is very normal in this day an’ age. I don’t know if you guys from ’bigger’ countries can feel it, but in Dk, which is a small country, every thing related to Islam, or Muslim foreigners sells, which damages masses opinion and it takes us ages to clear the air.
    And if you see in the rest of the world, we all are witness to what’s happening in Chechnya, and what just happened in India (Hijack), and Coup in Pak etc.. I won’t say that I was surprised, but still – the most ’respected’ news agencies where publishing reports without even confirming whether there was any thing about ’em at all. I still can’t accept that CNN took that Bilal Musharaf’s post seriously, and now during the hijack, so much nonsense was published – amazing.
    So there isn’t much left about the original (?) thought of a news media.

    I know Pak media is not ’free’ yet, however compared to Indian news media I don’t think that we have been able to spread so much hatred. And this is not because I’m a Pakistani that’s just what I’ve observed. Pakistanis normal ’attack’ on India is from one side - Kashmir, and this is not the case with India.
    The media publishes what sells, in Pak topics related to Kashmir sells, atleast one news a day about Kashmir is a must in a daily newcast, pretty much the same was the case for Indian media, when I used to follow it. The only diff. is that Pak, normally lets the Kashmiris talk, while India just gives the info (That’s some months back, I wonder if the situation has changed since)



      if it is Doordarshan and the national dailies whom you are pointing the finger at, probably you are overreacting. it'd be nice if you could come up with a few specifics to illustrate your arguments, i'd like to know which items made you feel so...

      my view, as a person residing in india, is that the indian media seems to have dropped its soft approach towards pakistan. earlier, we used to often have news items and editorials stressing on indo-pak friendship. i remember, when rashid latif (the cricketer), met his brother, who lives in calcutta, papers and magazines were full of mushy tales of indo-pak families. Vajpayee's lahore visit was highlighted as a huge breakthough for peace. Kargil changed it all. during the Kargil war, there was a chat show on doordarshan by some bigshots of indian media. their conclusion was that indian media was trying too hard to be positive when it came to relations with pakistan. they felt that for the time-being, it was essential to take care of national security and perhaps to highlight the role of pakistan in terrorism and insurgencies in india, rather than encourage friendly relations that would cost india dearly.

      roughly, what i've observed is that news items on pakistanis displaying hatred towards india have been shifted into focus. this includes all kind of religious leaders calling for jihad against india, pak kargil war soldiers being given awards that go something like "send 20 enemies to jahanum", the capture of pakistanis with ULFA militants, etc. The message is clear - let's think of peace when both sides are ready, till then be wary.

      Surprisingly, there have been increasing articles sympathizing with kashmiris, and reports on the atrocities of the SoG, which were almost never present in indian media, are around.


      >I know Pak media is not ?free? yet, however compared to Indian news media I don?t think that we have been able to spread so much hatred.<

      i'm not too sure of that. You ever been to this PNS website? it is amazing that the bbc/cnn cites the PNS on it's news articles! and what exactly did you find as to have been "spreading hatred"?

      Simple ain't easy.


        And just visit the Bharat-Rakshak

        I find the above Indian defence forum full of people with fancy ideas especially against Pakistan.

        Fata Morgana


          I frequently visit for indian side of news. Not one newspaper stands out though. All of them have identical anti-Pakistan views, which are not wire generated. India Times used to be a very impartial newspaper, and i used to read that more than i read Pakistani papers, but lately they too have fallen into the same category. Basically, Indian govt and indian media is obsessed with ISI. Seems like even a flu bug in India is ISIs doing. However, to go to the flip side, Pakistans media is no angel either. It did seem to take a turn after Gen Musharrafs govt took over. During Nawazs regime, Pakistani newspapers were perhaps at their lowest ebb. And the TV khabarnama is a perpetual govt.nama, hence, it never gives u any benefit to watch that. Currently, Pak media, comparatively seems to be less biased than Indian media, even though i believe it is because Pakistan is more active within Pakistan, whereas India is more active outside of India, with the hijacking drama and all. Indian medias attention has perpetually been focussed on the ISI, which gives such a biased color to their reports that it becomes obvious.


            My statement about ’Spreading hatred’ – first of all the last thing that I want is another conflict between India and Pak. However it is depressing to see so many India sites and news about Pak, trying to label Pak as a terrorist nation and on top of that, baseless accusations, were none cares to listen to the other party. One tiny example is Zee news (I’ve never seen any doordashan prog.), sure PTV news are biased, and they may not tell the full story, but still I’ve never listen to so baseless news as on Zee news. Some of my relatives have access to that channel and their picture of reality is a bit too diff. from all of ours (we’re CNN, BBS some Pak news and local Dk news viewers)

            I’ve visited all three sites – wow we desi’s are so good at hating each other. I’ve also visited PNS’s site, only the one related to Kashmir though, and strongly disagree with the Indian women bashing thread, other then that, almost the same is happening there as on this forum. A couple of members with no nationality like here post against India and Pak. Other then that the discussions about Kashmir are pretty good – at least not just one sided views. Can’t say the same about the other sites, and I’ve seen discussion boards on what ppl openly ’encourage’ Indian Gov. to kill the mujahedeen, and nuke Pak. Too bad that I don’t hold record on useless links, or I would’ve given ’em to you.

            Anyways, I think both countries news media will keep manipulating the facts unless we demand the truth and can face it too.



              >However it is depressing to see so many India sites and news about Pak, trying to label Pak as a terrorist nation<

              True, India is perhaps pushing too hard to get Pak. labelled a terrorist state. But this isn't without reasons. When there is evidence that Pakistanis are involved in several separatist movements spread throughout India, it is imperative that India calls a spade a spade rather than sign more useless peace treaties. Kashmir is probably a much hackneyed topic, everyone knows of the role Pak. plays in sending in "mujahideen". Though much touted by the jihadis as a fight against infidels oppressing muslims, the truth is that Pakistan is just seeing to it that India never gets a chance to appease the kashmiris. When local support for separation waned, it pumped in "mujahideen" from outside to maintain an atmosphere of tension and fighting. The Khalistan liberation movement was engineered and executed by people in Pak, Canada and UK. Even today, KLF militants are captured by the BSF as they sneak into India thru the border. The capture of pakistanis from among ULFA militants (terrorists who target civilians ruthlessly, usually rail-track blowers) have not improved matters. Underworld dons of Bombay (the likes of dawood ibrahim), who are greatly responsible for gun-running and drug pushing in India, live a carefree life in Karachi; the last time i heard, dawood was socializing with Meera, the lollywood actress. A good number of Pakistani citizens who arrive in India disappear, not to be found where they are when their visas expire. can you blame indians for crying ISI?

              But what triggered the tough stance from the Indian media is the dictatorship in Pak. Gen.Musharaff has a poor reputation with the media, thanx to the Kargil lies episode ( the army hasn't crossed the LoC; the fighters are mujahideen from the indian side of the LoC; the fighters have dispersed but not to our side; the taped phone conversation). If the guy is capable of uttering such barefaced lies in the face of the world, he's quite capable of other shady deals too. India has been on its toes ever since the General has assumed power, half expecting some "mischief". Hence the ISI cries. Maybe there isnt any ISI agent involved, but again, you can hardly blame the indians, they are just er.. "overprepared".

              Re: Zee TV >> i dont know, i never watch it. Doordarshan, in my opinion, doesnt distort news, they are in fact very over cautious. However, they never report any of the atrocities of the armed forces in kashmir, only the killing of civilians in cross border shelling and landmine explosions are shown.

              ReNS >> you must try out the other forums - especially the one's on south asia and intl affairs. did you know that you cannot register their if your email addy ends in a ".in" (india)? i gave up after being banned half a dozen times - each time coz i argued with one of the mods. i luv their editorials - especially the ones throwing sh*t at maleeha lodhi, allegations range from goonda-gardi to sleeping with enemy diplomats!

              >I don?t hold record on useless links, or I would've given 'em to you.<

              you dont have to. i just wanted to know what you find objectionable, the sites hardly matter. But i dont find you blaming any newspapers, that is the media that matters the most in india. these hate sites are meant to give expatriates their daily kicks, they dont truly reflect feelings of an indian/pakistani. Akif mentions "India Times". I dont know of such a newspaper. There are 2 others - "the times of india" & "the hindustan times". mebbe he means them? i personally read "the hindu", i dont find them all that bad.

              Simple ain't easy.



                Thats life! You take it or leave it.

                Fata Morgana


                  I think Indians visit this place for a cyber safari- the cyber version of well-to-do folks visiting africa to hunt.

                  They just poke fun at the poor pakis and enjoy when the poor fellows goof up.

                  Have some pity on the pakis. Haven't you heard of sustainable hunting. After all these guys lost numerous wars to India. They also lost half their country (Bangla Desh). Once you kill the prey, there can be no more hunting.

                  Maybe the pakis now know why they are still there & not hunted to extinction. But then they think it is because of Hindu tolerance.

                  As long as the prey is there to hunt, I don't care.



                    i'm convinced that you aren't indian. so now stop the drama before everyone else finds out who you are.
                    Simple ain't easy.


                      I would agree with queer that Kargil was a blow. Here people like KK may argue that India did no carry refurundum and cjheted Pak and I may arue that Pak sent mercenaries in Kashmir and was real culprit and so on and we can argue to prehistoric times about rationale of two nation theory etc.

                      However, with Kargil what happened was that people, partic ularly after Nawaz sharief was ousted from power, believed that Paki politicians were innocent in Kargil and Paki military worked on own. Now there was a question on how meaningless dialogue with paki political class is and military which is being fed on fvear of India it is even more meaningless. this raised frustration about dialogue.

                      Again Kargil was first television war. You read two soldiers are dead. That is one thing. You watch their coffin coming home. Old father getting a shock, mother breaking down and so on and there was a huge anger, both for Pak and govt. As MJ Akbar pout it 'I dont feeel cheated by Pak. I never trusted them. I am cheated by Indian govt. How Kargi happened?'
                      Kargil did not make any sense for Pak. The guys on top would have caused casualties. But without air support, they would be thrown sooner or later. Pakistan did not have economic clout to continue war. It was begging to Paris and London to reschedule the loans. why people should pay u money to intrude in other country's teritory. If rescheduling did not happen this year, it would have been disaster. Major powers are not pro-India, but they are pro status quo. It was just repat of 65, where military calculations did not fit in strategic game. Just read Dawn's Ayaz Amir articles in that period.

                      Now it will take years to have a major move for dialogue from either side. And both countries and world will be deeply sceptical. There was animocity even before. Kargil has strengthened hardliners on either side.


                        >>i'm convinced that you aren't indian. so now stop the drama before everyone else finds out who you are.

                        You’re right about that - I was thinking of ’sharing the info’ if multi-nick policy is being miss-used. Should I or shouldn’t I??

                        Hey if you guys are interested in fair game then plz do let me know – and gajam dear while we decide this, you have an excellent opportunity to either apologize for your behavior or just hmmm.. disappear.

                        Comments on the topic being discussed later



                          i'd say if "gajam" apologizes, he can be let off without it being made open asto who he is... otherwise, i wanna know who the double-faced crook is.
                          Simple ain't easy.


                            what is this PNS site and what is the URL?


                              Me apologize... to a bunch of pakis. You should be kidding.

                              I'm double-faced. I'm multi-faceted. There are animals inside me. There is also a saint. But I'm also a mirror. I reflect my surroundings. Enough of self-disclosure.

                              Sabah wrote

                              "multi-nick policy is being miss-used"

                              What is this missused. Anyhow I'd like to know my identity if your boasts are true.