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Kashmiri people

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    Kashmiri people

    Pakistan constantly preaching self determination for the Kashmiri people. Pakistan forgot one thing, Kashmir is not a gheto like Pakistan. Kashmir is part of India
    hence every Indian has right to determine the
    faith of kashmir. All the provinces in India
    are for the administrative purposes where Central Govt. (not federal) has the supreme power.

    If there is voting for the faith of Kashmir then every Indian ( from cost to cost and Himalaya to sea ) will determine as every Indian has the same and equial right on every part of the nation.

    Still there is time for Pakistan to improve relation with India before it became history

    Average pakistany's are good and god fearing people. They have nothing against India. They wants to unite with India, their own country but these selfish corrept politicians, landlords and military are not allowing to do this.