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Black Wednesday

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    Black Wednesday

    Many would gain from incriminating the Sunni insurgency, including the United States and Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari.

    Re: Black Wedensday

    It is highly doubtful, however, that Zarqawi or the Ba'athists would commit such a crime against such a holy place. First, al-Qaeda attacks are usually deadly. Bombs go off and hundreds are killed. Had al-Qaeda wanted to inflict pain, it would have detonated the bombs in broad daylight, during prayer time on a Friday. It is clear that this attack was intended to ignite tension, not to kill - nobody was in the initial attack.
    - they dont think of it as a Holy place infact they regard it as a place of shirk
    the vandalism their forefathers did in Medina and Karbala(in 1801) proves that
    they have already killed more than enough shias there was no need to take unneccesary risks

    Al-Qaeda certainly is capable of terrorism, but what would its Iraqi branch or the Ba'athists achieve by destroying parts of the Imam Hasan al-Askari shrine? It is not a political symbol of the post-Saddam era, such as the National Assembly, or the office of the Iraqi president.
    They have no interest in the safety of the sunni community they have targeted sunnis too who dont agree with their twisted views
    Certainly, more endangered than the Shi'ites from the events of "Black Wednesday" are the Sunnis. They are (justifiably) blamed for many of the crimes committed under Saddam, although not all of them benefited from his rule. Millions of Sunnis were persecuted under Saddam in a manner no less brutal than the dictator's dealings with the Kurds and the Shi'ites.
    True.... saddam is not a sunni but a fasiq

    Another party that could benefit from the unrest that has been created is Shi'ite Iran, the ally of Iraq's Shi'ites. Tehran could use the event to enflame Shi'ite emotions in Iraq, and in the meantime let the US drag on with its war on the Sunnis. Already, a number of moderate Sunnis have accused Iran of sending arms to the Sunni insurgency. This would escalate the war with US-led forces, thereby weakening both the Sunni militias and the Americans, strengthening nobody but the Iraqi Shi'ites and pleasing nobody but the mullahs of Tehran.
    Iranians have certainly a lot to gain from a shia dominated iraq but they were also accused of the Ashura attacks and nothing was ever proven
    and shias will be in a better position without all this violence
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      Re: Black Wedensday

      The people most likely reponsible IMO:

      1) Zarqawi and his henchmen. Their basic ideology is based on intolerance towards shia beliefs and openly hold contempt for their shrines. Majority of these would be foreigners from neighbouring arab countries.

      2) The sunni insurgents. A majority of these are baathists, (loyal to saddam) and hence cannot stomach a majority shia government in power. Samarra is a sunni majority.

      3) The americans and the coalition forces. These are responsible for security but are failing miserably day in day out. Yet they are also preventing the locals from providing security even though they are willing and more than capable to do so. By not doing their job properly, they are actually encouraging an atmosphere that is already ripe for a civil war. and hence making the situation much worse.
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      O He whose Name is a Remedy, whose remembrance is a Cure, and whose obedience is Wealth!

      Have mercy upon him whose capital is hope and whose weapon is tears!


        Re: Black Wednesday
        As a senior intelligence aid to former Coalition Provisional Authority administrator L Paul Bremer explained to a colleague of mine when asked about why US forces failed to rebuild in years what it took Saddam Hussein to do in months after the first Gulf War in 1981, "There's an old Arab proverb: If you starve a dog he'll follow you anywhere."

        In other words, why bother fixing a country when your strategy is to break the will of its people so they accept a post-occupation system, tailored to US interests, that they would otherwise not tolerate? Indeed, with Bush on record saying that the United States would leave Iraq if asked to do so, a primary consideration of US strategy has had to be making sure that the Shi'ites and Kurds never felt comfortable enough to pop the question.

        Perhaps the most frightening idea is that Iraq is going exactly as Vice President Dick Cheney, former deputy defense secretary Paul Wolfowitz and the rest of the hardcore neo-realpoliticians hoped it would. While such a scenario is indeed hard to imagine, one thing is for sure: the worse things get, the more money the oil, defense and heavy-industry companies, whose profits have soared thanks to the violence, will grow.


          Re: Black Wednesday

          I feel that this violence was planned and executed by Umreekans.
          The Sunni Insurgency WAS giving them hard time. Now the Iraqi Freedom
          fighters will be preoccupied by Internal war.

          Iraqis will fight each other off and Umreekans Oil money mint kargeega.