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Does not belong to this section...But have some fun sometimes

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    Does not belong to this section...But have some fun sometimes

    As you must have already read, a lot of Bollywoodians are making films on
    the hijack episode. Subhash Ghai is among these, and I am sure he will make
    the best film of the lot.

    I was talking to his script-writer and he told me: "The provisional title
    for the film is Kandahar Ki Kasoti, English translation Kandahar Express."

    "Nice name," I said.

    "Ghaiji's choice," the script-writer said. "The four hijackers will be
    played by four of the cinema's top villains, including Akshay Kumar in a
    negative role. Their leader will be Amrish Puri, imagine how villainous he
    will look, only the eyes showing under the monkey-cap."

    "I can imagine it," I said.

    "The hero will be Shah Rukh Khan, he will be one of the passengers on board,
    with his girl friend, Juhi Chawla, he will single-handedly defeat the
    hijackers and save the other passengers."

    "If anybody can do that, Shah Rukh Khan can," I said.

    The script-writer said: "The first half of the film will be devoted to song
    and dance. Shah Rukh and Juhi will meet in Nepal and sing and dance among
    the Himalayas. Of course, the actual shooting Ghaiji will be doing in
    Switzerland, since Nepal is not so picturesque any more. Shilpa Shetty and
    Sunil Shetty, Juhi's friends from college, will also sing and dance. Then

    "So far, so good," I said. "When does the hijacking start?"

    "As the plane approaches Lucknow. Amrish Puri will slip a hand grenade down
    air-hostess Pooja Batra's blouse and announce in his deep voice that the
    plane has been hijacked. There is a side romance between the air-hostess and
    the commander of the plane, Anil Kapoor."

    "Oh, Anil Kapoor, he's in the movie also," I said.

    "Yes," said the script-writer, "he has a major role, especially when the
    plane is in Amritsar. He dies in the end, a heroic death. We had to make
    some departures from the original events for dramatic intensity. There is a
    beautiful scene, the entire Indian Airlines Pilots Association stands in
    mourning with caps under its arms, then it goes on a day's token strike in
    his memory."

    "When does Shah Rukh Khan save the plane?" I asked.

    "I am coming to that, it is a long film, 24 reels. Before that, there are a
    couple of dance numbers between Shah Rukh and the Talibans on the tarmac
    underneath the plane.

    "After that?"

    "After six days, Shah Rukh decides enough is enough, and he begins
    eliminating the hijackers, one by one," the script-writer says. "Finally,
    only Akshay Kumar remains and they fight all over Kandahar and Kabul. Then
    Dilip Kumar arrives with the rescue plane."

    "How does Dilip Kumar enter the picture?" I asked.

    "He plays Mr. Jaswant Singh, delivering the lines slowly, like the

    Good one


      hahahahhaa...i was laughing my head off while reading this. good one man.


        But where is the role of Taliban?

        Fata Morgana


          read it again: Taliban -> dancing on the tarmac...with those big turban, gher daar shalwar with AK47 in hands and a belt of extra rounds straped by their shoulders!


            Taliban's role

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              You are ridiculous. You said that only the truth can be posted here. What I said about the taliban was truth. The whole world knows that. The queen know that. You too know that. CNN & BBC, both said it. Even the paki newspapers mentioned that. Why do you disagree the taliban act of cleaning toilets. You are an enigma. Or, going with the line of this post, should I say enema !!

              I have a feeling you are taliban and not a paki; probably a product of a madrasa.

              Anyhow I'm getting used to your hypocrisy.

              Why did you also delete the part about the work the taliban/afghans do in Iran. they do all the menial tasks in Iran. And they are not even accorded the status of a muslim there. (something like muslim untouchables). That's why the taliban leadership executed the Iranian diplomats. So much for Islamic brotherhood.

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                Who’s the queen?