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Bosnia's Genocide Hague Trial to Resume

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    Bosnia's Genocide Hague Trial to Resume

    Bosnia's Genocide Hague Trial to Resume after 13 Years:

    The hearings are the culmination of 13 years of legal wrangling, claims and counter-claims. It is the first case before the ICJ to involve the charge of genocide against a sovereign state. When Bosnia took what was then Yugoslavia before the ICJ in March 1993, the war in Bosnia was still raging with no end in sight. Sarajevo's intention in going to the United Nations court, which deals with disputes between states, was two-fold.
    First, Bosnia wanted the ICJ - also known as the World Court - to declare that Yugoslavia was involved, through its agents and surrogates, in a campaign of ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, and to order Belgrade to stop that practice immediately.
    Second, Bosnia asked for the payment by Yugoslavia of reparations for the killings, torture and material damage caused in the war.
    Within weeks the ICJ issued an interim judgement which ordered Yugoslavia to do all within its power to prevent the commission of genocide in Bosnia. And it also called on the two sides not to take any action that might aggravate the confict.
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