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Time to change name of Pakistan

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    Time to change name of Pakistan

    This is the time to change the name of Pakistan from Islamaic Republic of Pakistan to Islamaic Dictatorship of Pakistan, because we enjoy dictatorship more than democratic system.

    I have not seen a single message on this BB
    condaiming current dictatorship.and military takeover . Gen.Musharaf was hired to protect the borders of Pakistan for which he was getting official compensation. This smart fellow who lost in Kargil, instead of resigning he overthrow democratically elected majority govt.and took the power and funny thing is Pakistany people instead of condaming this takeover started celebrating like a Eid celebration.Does these smart guyes understand master and slave lationship?

    . Now Pakistan is ruled by a slave (servent)
    In democracy peoples power i.e. votes are supreme, where as in dictorship whatever dictatos says is final, citizens has no say.

    Some times when I start thinking why it is like this, then I came to conclusion which is

    1) we are not original but converted

    2) Our blood is also poluted a mixture of
    Aryan,Persian,Mangolian,Turkish, Greek,
    Moghul,Afghan etc,etc,etc.hence we cannot think what is right

    May be we cannot make right decision and liked to be ruled by somebody. I am really confused I don't know what to say !

    When I look at India, worlds largest democracy abal to conduct 3 general elections
    within Three years without military or any other third party interferance. Is it not amazing? Can we take learn from this?
    None of the country in the world can afford such elections.

    Considering all the facts as I mentioned above,my dear fellow Pakistany Friends, how do you like this idea of changing the name of our beloved country? Please think and respond

    Lets start by changing your name first haaN.

    Nothing in your post is worth a serious response, lekin I just wanted to say read some history, Indian history + some cultural history in this case should we be enough.

    Ps. Why do you care about Pak’s name?


      Time to change "realpaki's" name

      Former name realpaki

      New name unrealpaki

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        Namashkar. May your Gods be pleased by your efforts.


          I can give him my name. would suit him good..dont u think?


            I think his concerns are very real, if he is really a Pakistani.

            Changing names wouldn’t make us any better or worst, we will remain what we are. Realpaki notes that we are a result of many different cultures, may be he has some suggestions on how to change our past as well.

            The reasons Pakistanis have welcomed this change in governance are their abhorrence with the past regimes. Not to say that dictatorships are any long-term solutions, but in a place like ours, where every person in power took us all on the ride perhaps we need someone who can steer the country back in the right direction.

            The counter argument is that no matter who has come and gone, the lives of the people have changed very little. Just look around in your own family, and see what influence Dictatorship or Democracy has had on them. In my case, nothing has changed my own family’s wealth, education, poverty, or anything.

            I would very much like to see your response. Just describe your own family’s change in relation to the changing governments. Please restrict your response just to your family, spare us the details of how it has influenced the national euphoria.



              I think law and order is one of the first things that the current government brought to us..or at least a hint of it. Nevertheless, it was a whole lot more compared to what it was in the previous 'democtracic' regimes. To answer NYAhmedis question about how it has affected my family....well.
              My cousin was going to Pakistan last month, loaded as always, with a host of items which included 2 audio systems, a microwave, and lots of other stuff, which was bound to commmand more than a several thousand rupees in custom duty, if dealth with legally. When i told her about how much she might have to pay in custom, and that most of that stuff was available in Pakistan anwyay, her husband replied with a grin..."Merey mamoon FIA mein hain. Koi masla nahin". And i could only grind my teeth, knowing that they were the kind of people that we had been wanting to get rid of when we got rid of the Nawaz govt, so why is this going on still. However, 2 days before departure, my cousin calls my mother and tells her half crying that she is not gonna take any of the electronic stuff, cause her husband had called his FIA mamoon, and his mamoon had told him..."Yaar, ab fauj a gayee hai. woh airport mein baghair waja kay nahin ghussney detey". And this time the grin was on my face. At least there is one thing that i can be proud of regarding the accomplishments of our military govt. I know there is a lot more to go, but you always have to start at the bottom.


                Dear Akif, you brought out a very interesting example. To over 130 million Pakistanis, VCRs and other gadget are as significant as an Opera being shown in St. Petersburg. People of Pakistan want food to eat, clean water to drink, schools to educate. My point is that no one has delivered that, democracies, dictatorships, or any other form of government.

                It is only a handful of dedicated people, who strive to provide these social necessities to our fellow countrymen, and these people are not politicians, but citizens like you and I.

                I do agree with you that corruption in our land is a big problem. It has always been and will only be eradicated with time.


                  Dear friends,

                  What we are talking here is Democracy vs Dictatorship and question is ,it working in our naughbouring in India and why not in Pakistan?

                  What is the difference between British rule and Military rule?

                  What is the definition of freedom? and why our parents faught for?

                  There are democratic way to bring corrupt or inefficient govt.down by way of no confident motion or by court action.

                  It is police job to bring culprit before justice and not the military's one.

                  People are ennocent till proven guilty then it not applied in case of Mr. Sharif?

                  You press the charges prove it and let the justist system punish it, then why military is poking its nose in to internal matter of administration?

                  Why do we support these things?

                  After loosing in Kargil Gen. Mushraf to this step just to save his skin and nothing else.

                  Ask yourself is Mr. Nushraf a politician ? Does he has any political experience? What changes or improvements previous dictator achived?

                  Whether we like India or not but indian political system is far safe in the hands of politicians. Most of the senior politicians are freedom fighters. No matter which party comes on the power they have unified foreighin policy. Forgetting our differences can we not take some lessons from it?


                    not so real paki

                    have you ever been told the concept of the glass half filled with water
                    some ppl see it as the glass is half filled with water
                    some ppl see it as the glass is half empty

                    you are among the empty ones

                    --<[email protected] In Life there are no problems, only solutions waiting to be found @-->--


                      I for one would rather have a benevolant dictator than a corrupt incompetent (so-called) democracy. I hope the current military rule switches over to a democracy, but I think its premature to chastize the present government, without giving it a chance. The majority of Pakistani's seem to support the military regime - most Pakistanis were tired of living under the farce of a democracy set up by Nawaz, Benazir and company. Insh'Allah there will be some positive change for our Pakistan.



                        You said it right
                        Majority of Pakistani's are supporting military dictatorship and if it is true then why to cheat ourself and other nation that our's is a democracy. Show the world true face of Pakistan