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Global cop wakes up!

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    Global cop wakes up!

    Editorial from 'hindustan times'

    Global cop wakes up

    The United States plays two roles on the world stage.

    The first is that of global policeman. If there is a dispute between two countries, rest assured that the State Department spokesman will have something to say about it. If there is a ‘rogue State’ then US military power will be deployed to deal with it. And if a nation’s human rights record is not to Washington’s liking, then some Congressman will deliver a lecture on the importance of human dignity. This role is always played out to the accompaniment of lofty rhetoric about how America doesn’t really want to get involved but faces no choice because of its desire for a just, stable, global society. Or, as they would say in the Hollywood Westerns of the 1940s and 1950s, ‘it’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it’. When it is in a less self-righteous mood, America admits to playing a second role: that of vengeful mother nation. Hurt any of our citizens, it says, and you will attract a terrible retribution. We will hunt you down and blow you up (but without landing any troops on the ground, because of domestic political considerations).

    The beauty of the way these roles are constructed is that they are interchangeable. If the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait threatens America’s oil supply, then it is the vengeful mother nation that strikes back. For public consumption, however, America claims to be playing the first role: global policeman. It is only launching a military operation, it declares, because it cares about national sovereignty, and global stability. If Osama bin Laden’s bombers attack American embassies, then missile-borne retribution is swift to follow. But of course, the world is told that America is only acting against the rogue state of Afghanistan and the terror-sponsoring Taliban regime.

    The problem with this two-step approach is that it sometimes breaks down in full view of the world. When the hijackers of IC 814 took the plane to the heart of Taliban territory and appeared to be acting on orders from Islamabad, the global policeman decided to take the week off. Not one statement was even remotely critical of Pakistan emanated from Washington, not even when the hijackers secured the release of two Pakistanis. But the moment one of these released Pakistanis — Maulana Masood Azhar dared to threaten Americans, Washington hurriedly declared its millennium party over and switched to attack mode. The State Department spokesman angrily announced that Washington would hold Pakistan responsible if a single American life was threatened. The message is startlingly clear. Never mind Rupin Katyal whose throat was slit. Never mind the hapless passengers who spent a week inside the hijacked aircraft. Their lives are of no consequence to the world’s policeman. But Azhar has only to make a speech attacking Americans and suddenly Washington is on red alert.

    Oh the poor miserable Americans! LOL

    Fata Morgana


      Jis ke lathe us ki bhanse


        Whatever the hat , Americans safeguard their own interests. There is no one who cant see beyond the rhetoric. why expect them to do anything different...
        Why shouldnt each nation do the same.
        And besides, why isnt it possible that Indians due to many different reasons are seeing too much of pakistans role...
        Is there any newspaper in india that looked at the Bigger picture? what have Indians done to the kashmiris to cause the degree of frustration , that is now making Death a good option for them...? What have indians done to the kashmiris that makes them such easy tools for pakistanis to play with.


          This is a pretty usual “USA can’t do it right” cry from last place winners. CNN had been brining everyone in the world up to date (every hour on the hour) about how the negotiations were proceeding. Meanwhile, the Indian Foreign Minister had no details available (for 6 days) for the relatives of the captives. Every time he came on TV to do any update, all he did was to praise Taliban (and to ridicule Pakistan). This is from a Government that doesn’t even recognize their rule (so talk about self interest). Before finding any and every thing that is wrong with the world, spare your pointed finger to USA, and put your finger where it belongs! Up yours!

          When you are at least 1/50th as resourceful as the USA, it will be time for you to compare your struggles with this great nation. Until that happens, work harder!

          P.S. My reply is to the writers (Hindustan Times) of the this article, and not to ZZ personally.


            well... till the plane was in kandahar, india had no choice but to praise taliban and say they are great. reminds me of a rather vulgur sanskrit couplet, 'durjanam prathamam vande, sajjanam tadanantar, mukhprakshalanpurva, gudaprakshalanam yatha' (salute the bad people first, gentlemen can saluted later. It is like u clean ur ass first and then the mouth.)


              Dear ZZ, are you saying that if Pakistan captures some Indian territory (only an example), India will praise Pakistan until the territory is won back? It is a kind of dangerous contrivance in diplomacy. Consistency in international relations is a much more prudent tool than hypocrisy. It can only take you so far. God forbid should something like this happen again. How far is India willing to take it? Talibans may not be so nice the next time. Instead of cleaning our own house, our media (routinely has turned toward USA and CIA Propaganda campaign). Editorial like this from respectable sources such as Hindustan Times is an insult to the intelligence of mature readers. I know that it sells with those who have nothing else to do, but most Indians and Pakistanis are sick and tired of this state of affairs. Your Sanskrit saying is very true. We should always practice that, and start with our home (i.e., ass) before using our mouth to belittle other nations.