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Constantly blaming Hindus

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    Constantly blaming Hindus

    Most of the people respect their ansters. Infact knowing ansters and their achievements
    was a good sigh in the society. More the ancesters one knows more the KHANDANI he is.

    Pakistan is only 50 year old, before it was a part of India. Same thing religen adopted by Pakistani people is only 1700 year old before they were all hindus.

    Blaminging hindus,abusing them,critising them is just like hating our own ansters

    When people feel shame to identifying their one ansters or their roots are called BASTERDS (who doesn't Know their parents)
    Knowing all this I am requesting my fellow Pakistani brothers to put restrient when using the world HINDU

    only a hindu divides humans between classes. only a hindu woman is murdered after the death of their husbands.
    only hindus are made to worship male human anatomy.
    only hindu dances naked and calls it worshiping.
    only hindu has a history full of slavery.

    now these are all facts that no one can deny. so i think u will be considered a bigger ******* to be related to hindu clan.
    hindus should be thankful to Pakistanies as they spared their lives during the thousand year muslim rule. cos next time they wont.


      Use restraint when using the words "Islam", and "Muslim" more like it.

      The Muslim and Pakistani participants for the most part, recognize the differences between Hindus and the Indian government. Most posts are written about the abuses of the Indian government.

      The posts here posted by Hindus, for a large part do not recognize the differences between the Pakistan government, Pakistanis, and Muslims. All three are lumped into one. As if the Pakistani government represents all Pakistanis, or all Muslims for that matter.

      By the way realpaki, you are such a realHindu, its so obvious. So tell us now why are you embarrassed of your ancestors , why do you hide behind a Pakistani nickname, why do you say you are from a country called "Fakistan"?



        Hello Mundaya!
        Wake Up!
        IF YOU Think india develops the way pakistan develops then your guess is right that women are killed after their husband' death. But sorry India developed faster the Pakistan and something like this doesn't happen.

        Better Luck Next Time