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Insians call for HINDU - JEW alliance against muslim countries

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    Insians call for HINDU - JEW alliance against muslim countries

    Yehudi-Hindu Bhai Bhai (Jews and Hindus are Brothers)

    (from the Sword of Truth website)

    Anti-Semitism and its sister hate of anti-Zionism has become part of India's pseudo-secular and Hinduphobic political mainstream. The pre-BJP raj tried hard to show its solidarity with the Islamic and Communist nations by a strong anti-Israel stance, in the name of anti-colonialism and Third World solidarity. Had the philosophy which manifested itself during the early days of Hindu and Indian nationalism (as readers will know the two are harmonised, Gandhism now consigned to the dung heap) triumphed this would not have been so.

    Veer Savarkar, ideologue of Hindutva, saw the Jews as allies in a common struggle. In his famous Hindutva of 1923, he wrote:

    "if the Zionists' dreams were realised, if Palestine became a Jewish State, it would gladden us almost as much as our Jewish friends."

    Savarkar had been pro-Zionist since 1908 and remained so as Bharat's betrayers went in the opposite direction. In 1952, Savarkar looked to the Jews an example for the Hindu to emulate if they wished to be a modern nation:

    "Even a tiny state like Israel has sensibly started developing fish field and sand fruits and because of that they are able to meet the needs of the countless immigrants who would have otherwise half-starved. The Jews are a brave and intelligent people. And although their State looks like a child before our great state of Bharat we must emulate its example."

    In the post-1947 years Savarker denounced Comrade Nehru's refusal to recognise Israel, saying quite frankly that he feared that it would invite the very Muslim opposition which he was so eager to please. In February 1956 at the annual session of the Hindu Mahasabha in Jodhpur, he was clear that this was a suicidal course:

    ". . . if tomorrow there breaks out a war between Pakistan and Bharat almost all Muslims will be arrayed on the side of Pakistan in opposition to us and their enemy Israel will be our only friend. Therefore I say that Bharat should give unequivocal recognition to Israel. If we desire to safeguard the independence of Bharat we should be militarily strong."

    Until the BJP victory India remained a nation ridiculed by others as weak, the easy punching bag of others' frustrations. Hindus the world over, self-alienated, eager to please others at how stupid and backward they regarded their cultural roots.

    Abba Eban, a great authority on Jewish history and one who has yielded immense service to Israel, nevertheless continues with the myth of Jewish prosperity under Islam. Even a scholar such as Robert Wistricht (AntiSemitism, The Longest hatred, 1991), who by no means ignores Islamic Judeophobia, tries to explain it away. Bat Y'eor is one of the few who does not. Islamic history is not as clear and reliable as one would be led to believe. The Quran is full of contradictions, grammatical errors, even non-Arabic words. To rely on the Hadith is no better as contradictory accounts occur of the same event. But if one relies upon the Islamic traditions then it is clear that Islam was anti-Semitic form the outset. Muhammad's massacre of Medina's Jews could in no way set an example for Islamic tolerance. The Prophet stole Jewish ideas, and claimed them as his own, mixing them with aspects of Arab 'paganism', and pure unabashed egotism. It is amazing how this has gone unnoticed and how one is brainwashed into the myth of Islamic tolerance, as opposed to Israeli aggression. The Quran, Hadith and numerous fatwas since all show that Islamic ideology is replete with anti-Semitic manure of the vilest type.

    Hindus should thus recognise that Israel can be one of its few reliable allies. From Israel Bharat has much to learn. Instead of peace treaties it should have followed the Jewish state'' example in annexing the lands of the aggressor. Pakistan is eager for war again. This time it will be different if Hindus follow the Israeli example. The jawans should carry the saffron into Lahore, which is the natural capital of East Punjab and the city of Lav. How could Lahore become a city of Islam any more than Jerusalem? These are just two of the examples of Islam's theft of the cultural icons of others. If Pakistanis want to be Arabs they should be sent forth to their imaginary homeland where they can do the jobs the Arab sheikhs have reserved for them: mercenaries, prostitutes, menial workers, nannies, attendants wiping the faeces from the expensive porcelain toilets of the sheikhs. Islamic fascists see Bharat as the soft spot to propagate their irrational creed and foment violence. India tries to placate them. Israel expels them, This is what Bharat should do. If they hate Hindu Rashtra so much they are free to leave for dar'ul Islam.

    Bharat can also learn in the economic sphere. Israel was pioneered via its kibbutzim system, which transformed desert into lush agricultural land. The opportunity is there for closer collaboration in both economic and political spheres. Israeli expertise can contribute into alleviating some of Bharat's obstacles to becoming an advanced nation. Military expertise will show how one survives, thrives, and even turns the tables on its aggressors. They also retain the memory of their Holocaust. We Hindus do not, to our eternal shame, even though it continues unabated in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Assam.

    From Bharat Israel can also envisage what would happen should it fall victim to complacency. It can ill afford to have an Islamic monster in the form of a Palestinian state on its borders. It can also ill afford to have its most sacred shrine usurped by Islam. Just as Babri Masjid hijacked the site of Rama Janmabhoomi, the al-Aqsa, Dome of the Rock, sits like a parasite on the Temple Mount. In Israel as in Bharat, Islam has hijacked 'pagan' shrines for its own purpose, its own imperialist stamp of victory on the sub-human 'kaffirs' Jewish as well as Hindu shrines have been victims of this Islamic colonialism.

    The arrival of a Hindu led government in Bharat should be an advent in rejecting earlier myopic political actions. If any people are the true brothers of the Hindus, it is the Jews. If any nation is the true ally of Bharat it is Israel. Let all Jews and Hindus who have the vision for the new millennium work closer together to achieve the liberation of their respective peoples from the shackles of anti-human dogmas.

    Israel is Yehudi Rashtra, as Bharat is Hindu Rashtra.

    Ranbir Singh(UK)

    2 Chronicles 8,9, New English Bible, The Bible Societies, 1970, pp.324-5
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    The way muslim fanatics are going on its a no surprise if there will be such an alliance in future. One thing is hard to understand is that why muslim are having trouble with be it India, Isreal, EU, USA, Russia and even China. Whats wrong with you guys(Fanatics). To be able to live peacefully in the world is like living in the marriage where one is supposed to make compromise or do things one would not like to do. But they do in order to keep peace in the family. You can not just take only without giving in. The history is a proof the terrorism never achieve any positive result. Look at europe they used to be small kingdoms as we had in India in the past and they made them in to countries like France and Germany and so on and now they are trying to make it as one big union as EU and we are bent upon breaking what ever is left of India. Its still not too late to preserve what we are left with


      Oh! Then we have to make our ISI a world-class agency. And we should have operations in all some 200 countries. Not a dream, just a little work is to be done. And we are there or everywhere.

      Fata Morgana


        Deewana your post makes no sense!

        Deewana wrote: "One thing is hard to understand is that why muslim are having trouble with be it India, Isreal, EU, USA, Russia and even China."

        Its not that hard to understand actually, here let me help you:

        1)India - Kashmir is the only Muslim majority province in India, it was never a part of India, its people are being occupied by a force who they do not recognize (evident through their reluctant and at times non-existent participation in Indian politics). In this case India is the oppressor.
        2)Israel - Need I even talk about Israel. A country created by displacing thousands of people, kicking them out of their homes forcibly and than ruling them by the gun. In this case once again the Israel governemnt is force of oppression.
        3) EU - not sure what you are talking about here. Maybe Bosnia, where Muslims were slaughtered, or perhaps Kosovo, where the same happened. Again, Muslims were not the oppressors.
        4) USA - Not sure again, what you are talking about here. Maybe you can elaborate. Are you talking about terrorism? Again it can be argued that USA is as guilty as others of oppression. Sanctions in Iraq, illegal bombing of Sudan and Afghanistan, support of various para-military commandos and puppet regimes.
        5)Russia - Russia is killing innocent people, bombing their homes and forcing them to leave. They have created a refugee catastrophe which is going to get worse. They are targeting Muslims in Chechyna. Not the other way around.
        6) China - again not sure what you are talking about, maybe the suppression of the Islamic minority in Xianxing province in China. Lets face it China doesn't have the best human rights record. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to find out who the oppressor is in this case.

        Deewana: "Whats wrong with you guys (Fanatics)."

        You should be more careful when you speak with no knowledge. Muslims in all of the cases you've pointed out are victims.

        Deewana: "To be able to live peacefully in the world is like living in the marriage where one is supposed to make compromise or do things one would not like to do."

        Than why does India not grant Kashmir with the plebiscite they were promised over 50 years ago? Whose not willing to compromise? If Kashmiris want to stay, the results of the vote would reflect that.

        Deewana: "The history is a proof the terrorism never achieve any positive result."

        This is debatable. Terrorism can have positive results. In fact, many of the leaders of the Zionist movement, who later headed Israels government, were terrorists, they were instrumental in acquiring their (read: for Jews only) 'homeland'. Their terrorist efforts were successful.

        Deewana wrote: "Its still not too late to preserve what we are left with"

        At what cost? If we are supporters of democracy, we should allow those who wish to secede to voice their opinions. If we cannot appease them, and they have popular support, they should be granted their wish. The ethnic-nation-state is fragmenting, India is no exception.