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Declare India a Terrorist State!

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    Declare India a Terrorist State!

    Considering the Indian record of massive terrorist activities against Paksitan, Kashmir, Taliban & others, we should declare India a terrorist state and get it legalized from the UNO.

    What you guys think?

    Fata Morgana

    As k the UNO? You might as well ask Bal Thackeray.


      India is a terrorist state and should be declared as such. Its record in Kashmir of killing innocent people and indulging in large scale rape of women is second only to Pol Pot's record in Cambodia. It is one of the most shameful chapter of unbridled brutality in modern day history.


        I here by declare india as a terrorist state

        Secretary General.
        H A P P Y

        Now tell me how that going to help Pakistan
        to restore democracy,or drug trafficing or arms trading or cross border terrorism or plan higking?


          Why don't you ask the same quesion of your PM or your hysterical media. They are more interseted in getting Pakistan declared terrorist state than anything else. Will it stop the freedom movement in Kashmir, will it reduced the ever incresing slums in every city in India? Will it stop state sponsored massacres in Kashmir, will it stop Indian planned aircraft hijacking. will it stop incompetent acts like letting the plane fly from Amristar in order that you can implicate Pakistan even at the expense of getting your own passengers killed. But than since when have you people given any credence to human life?

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