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Spreading Hate

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    Spreading Hate

    This is the time to do some self analysis to find out what we achived in the last 50 years by constantly spreading hate against our neighbour India. We created sepreate home land for ourself just because of our ( our culture and history remains the same )

    Even after creating separate home land for ourself majority of our fellow brothers decided to remain in India,
    People who migrated from India to Pakistan came here with hate and Gen. Musharaf is a product of the same. These peoples lifes only aim is to spread hate. These people never sacrificed their life for freedom fighting with Briton. More people came thinking this is a promise land to do drug trafficing. No one came here from India because they love Pakistan.

    Original population of Pakistan was divided in to Landlords and Tenants (servents ) These landlords like Bhutto do not wants to join India because of Indian Land Reforms fearing they will loose their land holding so they started campaining against India. These people during British rule were Kushmuskare of these white people, never sacrificed for the nation

    Another class such as Mr sharif who were controlling Industries.These people do not want to join India just because fearing of nationalism of their industries.

    Militry and Burocrats also opposed just because their curropt practices will be exposed.

    What happens poor local population who do not have any gruge against India became victim of these peoples false propaganda
    They became victim of these peoples corrupt
    practices. They are suffering economically,socially and cultureley

    Hate against India become everydays business in Pakistan, thay just can't even think logically. One can see this from posting on this forum. There is just no logic

    Gen. Mushraf is hired by the Pakistant tax payers to protect its borders. Rather than protecting borders he want to rule Pakistan. He kicked democratelly elected majority govt. Basically this is a insult to the nation. A servant of the nation became ruler of the nation anh funney thing is that we celebrate such a takeover.I think our brains,our thinking power is rusted. We just cannot think any thing other than hate

    Long live Pakistan ( hope so )