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Maleeha Lodhi collaborates with Indian media. to add Pakistani name as hijacker.

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    Maleeha Lodhi collaborates with Indian media. to add Pakistani name as hijacker.

    Among the four names of "Pakistani hijackers," which were published in The News International, a Pakistani daily newspaper, on Monday, the name of Ahmed Sheikh is not even in the list of passengers and crew of the hijacked Indian Airlines Flight No. IC-814, which was recently published by the Indian Airlines and the Information Times, America's online daily newspaper.

    Pakistani Ambassador to the U.S. Maleeha Lodhi, Indian Zee Television, India's infamous intelligence agency, RAW (Research & Analysis Wing), or so-called "official sources in New Delhi" have intentionally planted the name of Mr. Ahmed Sheikh, 69, an American citizen, a current resident of Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.A., and an outspoken critic of Maleeha Lodhi and Indian Intelligence operations, among the names of four "Pakistani hijackers, Ahmed Shaikh, S. A. Kazi, Ibrahim Mistry and Saeed Akhtar Saeed," published in a news story of The News International headlined "Hijackers Pakistani, allege Indian media" and dated Monday, December 27, 1999. Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi has worked as Editor of The News International Islamabad Edition and she still maintains considerable influence over the newspaper of the Jang Group.

    The News International quoted Indian Zee Television as its source of information about the four "Pakistani hijackers," but the Information Times was unable to find the Zee TV story anywhere in the Zee TV Website, which, according to The News, disclosed the names of the so-called four "Pakistani hijackers."

    The Times of India, an Indian daily newspaper, quoting "official sources in New Delhi" and unnamed "Agencies," also printed the names of the so-called four "Pakistani hijackers, S.A. Qazi, Ahmed Sheikh, Ibrahim Mistri and Sayed Akhtar Saqid" in its news story headlined "India's attitude has complicated matters: UN," datelined Islamabad and dated Tuesday, December 28, 1999. The Times of India added the name of a Nepali, Gopal Tamrakar, to its list of hijackers and reported that the name of an "Afghani hijacker" was not given by the "official sources in New Delhi."

    On Tuesday, the Information Times contacted Mr. Ahmed Sheikh, a prominent Pakistani-American, retired Pakistan Army Captain and Secretary of the Washington, DC-based Pakistan Military Academy Association, and asked him to comment on the two news reports which contain his name. While talking to the Information Times from Washington, DC over the telephone, Captain (R) Ahmed Sheikh said:

    "It is obvious Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi, who has deep connections in The News International, has intentionally planted my name in the news report of The News to malign my good name because in the recent past I have exposed her corruption, incompetence and lack of ability for the job of Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States. This act of Maleeha is extremely stupid, vicious and wicked. It is her reaction in retaliation to my criticism of her long history of corruption, chicanery and misconduct. Coincidentally, before leaving The News International, Maleeha manipulated her boss to appoint her protege Talat Hussain as an editor of The News and now while sitting in the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington, DC, she has misused her 'friends' in The News to vent her frustration. The unscrupulous anti-Pakistan Indian news media has taken advantage of the Pakistani Ambassador's stupidity and embarrassed the Military Administration of Pakistan's Chief Executive and Army chief General Pervez Musharraf with whom I have no quarrel."

    The passengers and crew list of the Indian Airlines Flight IC-814, hijacked on Friday, December 24, 1999 from Indian airspace and taken to Amritsar, India; Lahore, Pakistan; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and Kandahar, Afghanistan, was published in the Information Times on Monday, December 27, 1999. The list of Indian Airlines Flight IC-814 passengers and crew is now available at the Information Times Website:
    InfoTimes Pakistan Journal: