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Five ISI agents arrested in Mumbai

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    Five ISI agents arrested in Mumbai

    ISI agents arrested

    In Mumbai the police have arrested five ISI agents that they claim may have be connected with the hijacking of the aircraft .The men were arrested from a suburb of the city along with a huge hoard of arms and ammunition. However the initial interrogations have revealed that they may have been part of a much larger plot.

    Mr.R H Mendonca, Commissioner of Police Mumbai said, " The 5 Pakistani men are said to be associated with the Harkat Ul Ansar. This terrorist group is lead by Maulana Massod Azhar . The ISI agents were captured with large numbers of AK-47 rifles, grenades and anti tank shells." The captured men are in police custody and are now being interrogated.

    This should read "five SUSPECTED ISI agents arrested in Mumbai"...

    But I guess in India, the legal system is GUILTY until proven INNOCENT...and not the other way around.