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Will Pakistan be declared a terrorist state?

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    Will Pakistan be declared a terrorist state?

    Declare Pakistan a terrorist state.

    PUNE: Ruling out the possibility of India's recognition to the Taliban militia in Afghanistan, Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee on Monday openly accused Pakistan of its role in the hijacking of Indian Airlines plane and said India would work towards getting Pakistan declared a "terrorist state."

    In a hard hitting voice, Vajpayee said India would mobilise the world opinion about Pakistan's state-sponsored terrorism in India, particularly its involvement in the hijacking of IA flight 814.

    When asked by mediapersons at a press conference at the Raj Bhavan here whether India would seek US and western nations cooperation in achieving the goal to declare Pakistan a "terrorist state," he said we expect the US to take the initiative to fight international terrorism by declaring Pakistan a "terrorist state."

    Urging the major powers to declare Pakistan a terrorist state, Vajpayee told reporters here that Islamabad's "active and sustained role in fomenting terrorism in India is now too obvious to be overlooked by the international community.'

    Pakistan's active and sustained role in fomenting terrorism in India is now too obvious to be any longer overlooked by the international community. Thus, India strongly urges leading countries to declare Pakistan a 'terrorist state'.

    Soon after the inauguration of 87th session of Indian Science Congress, Vajpayee said the government was inquiring into the entire hijacking issue by appointing a high-level team so that it is not repeated in the future.

    Vajpayee said evidence as well as circumstances suggest that the hijacking was an integral part of Pakistan-backed campaign of terrorism. Besides their demands, the hijackers and their mentors (without naming Pakistan) had a grand design to internationalise the Kashmir issue by isolating India diplomatically.

    They miserably failed in their attempt. "If anything got internationalised during the crisis, it was not the Kashmir issue but the brazen resort to terrorism by those seeking to break India's unity and integrity," he said.

    Asked why Western nations took four days to condemn the hijacking, Vajpayee said no this is the case they did it promptly. Terrorist action of hijackers has been widely condemned around the globe and this has isolated them in the eyes of world community.

    However, the Prime Minister justified the government action in releasing three hardcore militants in exchange of 155 IA passengers. "I share the sense of relief and satisfaction of all my countrymen at the termination of the hijack crisis on the eve of the New Year," he added.

    Right from the beginning the government had set before itself two objectives in its effort to bring an early solution to the crisis speedy return of all passengers and crew on the hijacked plane, secondly the protection of the nation's long-term interests.

    "Except Rupin Katyal, who was tragically killed by the hijackers, all have returned safely from Kandahar," the Prime Minister congratulated the passengers in his first Press Conference after the crisis ended four days ago.

    Vajpayee admitted about his criticism on Rubiya Sayeed incident saying at that the government had released five militants in exchange of one hostage but here three militants in exchange of 155 passengers. The then government had done it for the release of the then home minister's daughter but we did it for general passengers. There is a marked difference between the two, he added.

    Replying to a question whether India is going to ask Pakistan to hand over the hijackers who have now returned to that country after the end of hijacking, he squarely replied we will see it because details are still awaited.

    The Prime Minister who appreciated the role of Taliban in the hijacking crisis did not rule out the possibility of the latter's involvement in the whole drama which took almost a week to free the hostages.

    Replying to a question whether Taliban was involved in the hijacking, he said the government is yet to fully assess the situation and the Afghan militia was helpful in resolving the crisis in Kandahar. Thus, at the end of the crisis India has developed better understanding with the Taliban.

    When asked by this correspondent whether India has any plan to recognise Taliban, the Prime Minister categorically ruled out the possibility. "We have no such idea. It is not going to happen," he added.

    In fact, the Indian government is trying to ascertain the involvement of Taliban in the hijacking. Answering a question that released passengers have said that hijackers got arms in Kandahar, he said anything is possible.

    Since the details are being awaited whether the hijackers got arms in Kandahar or from some other source. It is possible the hijackers may have got it in Kathmandu itself or later provided by Taliban. Nothing can be ruled out at this stage, Vajpayee said.

    He however mentioned that Nepal has to strengthen its security. He briefly referred to an incident which has occurred on Sunday night. The latest incident in Nepal is another indication of Pakistani ISI operations in Nepal (a Pakistani diplomat is reported to have been detained by Nepalese authority in connection with possession of fake Indian currency).

    Not sure on that count, but Pakistanis will end up spending quite some time in security checks at various airports.


      Pakistanis already are a suspicious lot at airports....indians are not much different.
      But pakistan would not be declared a terrorist state. Just as Russia or india would never be. Chechnya and Kashmir are examples of terrorist activity just as much as sind was and maybe still is.
      For one thing Pakistan is too Big.(read between the lines)And secondly, the only country that is really bothered is india, and she has no clout.
      It is disappointing to me that like in Pakistan , india too has a great lack of positive ppl.


        . LOL

        Fata Morgana

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