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    When was the last time... heard of a country letting one of its own hijacked planes leave its own turf and fly to another 'enemy' country? heard of a hijacking drama carry on for as long as 8 days, especially when the country in question(India) was not willing to release any 'terrorists'? heard of people(the hijackers) having multiple nationalities, ranging from sikhs, to nepales, to indians, to kashmiris, to pakistanis?

    Indias aim was to malign Pakistan and Islam around the world, and they perhaps did so, because the west routinely stereotypes muslims all the time anyway. As for this erratically planned hijacking drama, it is more than clear even to a blind person that keeping in mind the route that the plane took, it was an ill conceived plot hatched by the RAW. Since the advent of Gen. Musharrafs hardline no nonsense policies regarding Kashmir, India has been on its toes searching for a new ally around the world, since russia is in no condition to feed it like it did before. Pakistan however, has proved that it can survive even without an ally as powerful as USA, something they have been doing for a whole decade now. Pakistans commerce minister rightly put it in as few a words as possible. No free trade or exchange with India unless Kashmir is resolved...and we know that it will be.