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    My prediction

    Hijackers will blow up the plane and Indians will hang the 35 wanted people.

    My prediction:
    India will give in to the demands of the hijackers (with some possible compromises) and the hostages will be freed. The Taliban will play a crucial role in negotiations. There will be no further casualties, Insh'Allah.




      The plane will be stormed and many hostages and the all the hijackers will be killed.


        The true Indian mentality on display here. How can they claim to be any different from the hijackers, if they think the hijackers want to kill the hostages so do these peace loving Indians. At least they have one thing common with the hijackers. Or may be they want the hijackers killed in order to prevent the truth coming out, which may be that the hijacking was stage managed by RAW.

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          ZZ, why would India hang those Ppl without any fair trail? Have any of them accepted responsibility for this yet?

          My prediction, Taliban will be forced to play an important part to end this drama, and in case any of the hostages dies during their actions the whole world will blame them for this. As for India’s part in this, they’ll not free the wanted Ppl or at least not all of them. They’ll come out of this as victims of terrorism. They’ll however plant a lot of doubts about Indias political agenda in a common Indian’s mind.


            My prediction:

            Y2K bug will strike the plane and will dissolve it into nothing. LOL

            Fata Morgana


              cuz something similar happened before. Indian high commissioner in London was abducted and release of some terrorist was demanded. After highcomissioner was killed, govt. responded by hanging the terrorist the next day.

              At least foreign nationals canm be liguidated without bothering (i.e. at least 34 of 35) They are not our citizens. We are not responsible to them.


                I dont know if you guys are giving predictions or wish lists....
                You are a very angry young man, with almost no trust in the goodness of teh world.( It really doesnt matter what would happen , but the conviction of your opinion reflects what i just said).
                Saba and Acht.
                You guys really do want peaceful outcome( the contrary is probably too difficult to fit in your understanding of the world)and plus both of you seem to have quite a bit of investment in Taliban, If they come out good , its a triumph for Islam, and maybe at some level of pakistan.
                Its just an observation , dont jump to tear it apart, see if you can take somehting from it....and after alll like dennis miller says....Its just my opinion and I may be wrong...


                  i predict many more indian planes to be hijacked in the future.

                  so stop flying them for one folks. its amazing what five mards can do to a country of a billion. As one said...

                  ibtada'e hijacking hai rota hei kya
                  agay dekh bunyai tujhay hota hei kya


                    dont worry few pakistani planes will crash as zia's did.

                    it is not a game that just one side can play mundayya. yesterday MQM declered that they will go back to old name and could consider giving up peaceful means.


                      Mundyaa that was a stupid and heartless post. This is not a ’mardana’ act to keep Children and women hostages – I call it ’baigharti’.

                      ZZ, this is NOT a game. Insaaniyat ka qatal ho raha hai, and you call it a game?
                      By the way, those 'mard' do not represent Pak or Islam

                      Nova maybe you’re right


                        i'll let u go sabah... just cos you are a woman. fyi, the hijackers did release 26 women and children and the sick ones for treatment.

                        although i dont understand how indians r getting sick inside the plane... no matter how filthy im sure its still a lot cleaner than india.

                        secondly, they are used to this kinda recycling if you know what i mean.

                        zz, mqm rules the country now starting from the army chief who was born in india. but, be it nawaz, or altaf, or zia... when it comes to india they all share the loving.


                          The sick guy is released cuz hijackers see no point in letting anyone die on plane due to sickness. Keeping him alive and bringing him back as hostage makes more sense.

                          I think plane will go to Lahore after two days. Taliban have given two days deadline. Indians are not likely to release anyone. Hijackers are also happy keep the issue. Taliban will try hard that some solution is reached so that they can shine in international glory and reduce their complete isolation. But grip of Pakistan masters, it is tough.

                          As far as MQM is concerned, I just trusted what Pakistani rulers say, which are quite truthful according to you. They say RAW is behind it. So naturally spurt of statements on in last two-three days means something.

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                            NOne of you told the time...???? So far nothing is happening...i dont wana make any prediction cuz i dont think it will come true hehe


                            Till next time***K_I_S_S***©


                              My prediction....

                              India will "storm" the plane, subdue the "hijackers", no hostages will be hurt, and the "hijackers" will be arrested and taken to India, where they will be recycled back into RAW for such future dramas. Public gets the impression that the hijackers are undergoing this secretive trial as a result ofwhich they will be hanged.