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List of militants wanted to be released by hijackers

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    List of militants wanted to be released by hijackers

    On Saturday, December 25, the hijackers of Flight 814 demanded the release of Maulana Masood Azhar, Pakistani militant , secretary general of the Harkat-ul Ansar, who is imprisoned in Jammu's Kotbalwal jail.

    On Tuesday, the hijackers added 35 more militants to the list. Who are these men? obtained a partial list on Wednesday night. Most of them are foreign nationals, and are accused of serious crimes against the Indian State.

    1. Mushtaq Ahmad Zargar
    2. Nasrullah Largya
    3. Naved Iqbal, son of Mohammad Iqbal, resident of Mirpur, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (Pakistani calls it Azad Kashmir)

    4. Muzamil Ahmad Dar, s/o Ghulam Mohammad, r/o Kotli, PoK
    5. Sayeed Mehboob, s/o Afsar, r/o Rawalpindi 6. Mohammad Akran Baloch, s/o Dalil Khan, r/o Balochistan
    7. Naseer Ikram, s/o Qazi Ikramul Haq, r/o Gujranwala, Pakistan
    8. Suhail Ahmad, s/o Shahbaz, r/o Dangikotli PoK
    9. Saifullah Khalid, s/o Sher Khan, r/o Mang, PoK
    10. Ruhail Ahmad, s/o Mohammad Zaman, r/o Kahuta, Pakistan
    11. Sofi Jamal, s/o Bulund Khan, r/o Rawalpindi
    12. Nasibullah, s/o Nazir Ahmad, r/o Afghanistan
    13. Sultan Ahmad, s/o Bashir, r/o Khanabal, PoK
    14. Mohammad Farooq Raju, s/o Mohammad Sharief, r/o Kotli
    15. Sayed Khalid Hussain, s/o Sayed Khadim Husaain, r/o Panjgram, Muzaffarbad
    16. Gulla Bhat, s/o Haka Bhat, r/o Kahuta, Pakistan
    17. Bashirat Ali, s/o Ali Asghar, Bhimber, PoK
    18. Sayed Sajjad Ali, s/o Shah Pal, r/o Mirpur
    19. Mohammad Sayed Khan, s/o Mohammad Sulaiman, r/o Mehmanpoora Bagh
    20. Abdul Hai, s/o Ajmal Malik, r/o Haqnawazsheikh, Pakistan
    21. Mohammad Yussuf, s/o Mohammad Ayub, r/o Nowkote, Mirpur
    22. Zaffar Ali, s/o Sabir Ali, r/o Gujara, Muzaffarabad
    23. Alam Khan, s/o Bahram Khan, r/o Shredara, Muzaffarabd, PoK
    24. Sultan Maina, s/o Gulam Jeelani, r/o Khanabal, PoK
    25. Waqar Shah, s/o Imran Shah, r/o Hazara Sarhad