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Innocent Blood?

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    Innocent Blood?

    The hijacking of the Indian airliner has brought a few dilemmas for the conscientious muslim. Obviously everyone has family and no one likes to see the innocent suffer. This however begs the question; why in this day and age are the supposedly civilised nations at the forefront of massacring the innocent?

    Everyone knows that India itself is carrying out a reign of terror in occupied Kashmir and their excesses have been recorded by Amnesty International which carries reports of torture of young men, disappearance of husbands and sons, and systematic rape of women in a society where it is one of the biggest taboos. Now we are expected to feel sorry for the Indians in the airliner who would be safe if the Indian authorities would give up one man so that others could live their lives in peace?

    Don't the Indians want these people to live? If the hijackers were just cold-blooded murderers they could have blown up the plane by now and had a bloody revenge for all those tortured and killed in occupied Kashmir...but they haven't. All they are asking is the release of one man and in return they will release over 100.

    Similarly, it seems ok for Americans to fry Japanese cities with nuclear weapons (in the process killing babies, cats, dogs, pregnant women etc) yet Pakistan and India are seen as irresponsible despite the fact that at least these two countries haven't used these weapons yet.

    When USA bombed the medicine factory in Sudan why it was considered a legal action?

    When kids die of malnutrition in Iraq which now has the infrastructure of a third world country who is asking about the innocent blood in that country? If the responsibility for all the misfortunes of that country can be placed on Saddam Hussein then why shouldn't we muslims say that the responsibility for the safety of the hijack victims lies with the Indian Government? After all they have the power to bring an end to this situation. They are the ones who are responsible for hostilities in the first place by denying Kashmiris their right to freedom in the first place.

    Is only muslim blood cheap?

    There is a war going on in Kashmir. 700,000 Indian paramilitaries armed to the teeth. what are they doing; playing ring-a-ring-a-roses?

    Anybody who feels he comes from a country that hasn't got innocent blood on it's hands please speak up now. You will be in a position to lecture the rest of us on the evils of this hijacking. The rest of you should best keep your mouths firmly shut.

    My sentiments exactly.

    This is why (although I am reluctant to admit it), I on many levels support the actions of the hijackers. Because the frustrations which Mr. Xtreme, just pointed out, are in the mindsets of many Muslims. It would seem today, that Muslims are fair game, they are being slaughtered in Chechyna and Kashmir today, they are sanctioned to death in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are bombed indiscriminately in Lebanon and Sudan, they are systematically exterminated in Kosovo and Aceh. So whats the difference between this kinda torture and murder, which does'nt allow for negotiations, which doesn't allow for the release of children and women, and that of the hostages on the Air India flight. The difference is that one is a reaction to the other - if you wish to get at the root of the hijacking, you have to stop the murder of Muslims. Otherwise, this violence will increasingly become the voice of expression used to signify our frustrations and angst - because at times its the only form of communication available to us.

    And we still feel sympathy for 100 hostages who are from the very countries which are oppressing us. But they feel no sympathy for us - only hate. And than they call us the haters.



      Muslim refusal to live with anybody else and demand division of the territory based on religion is totally unacceptable way to live in the modern world.

      Muslims love to live in west (non-muslim)countries with all the religious and enjoy all the political freedom that is inherent in their system but deny that to the minorities in their own countries

      It is time for muslims to join the civilized world and seperate religion from politics and stop dividing world on basis of religion.


        #4 offense or anything, but SHUT UP.

        You know nothing about Islam...and your post has nothing to do with the original one.

        Next time pose an argument which has at least some relevance to the original topic posted.



          Here we go again. Attention and his ilk on this decent forum telling people to shut up. Who are you? Who am I? Everyone here has a right to his/her opinion, no one has a right to shut one up.

          As far as the hijacking goes, we pakistanis are so hypocritical. We love to live in the west (where most of on gupshup are) but when some nut in the name of Islam goes and does a terrorist act, we all clammer from our seats in appreciation. O the mighty US is in trouble, O the russians are in trouble and now India. I dont care for the ruling boobs in India (and our own mians and generals), but this vulture like behaviour has to stop.

          I personally really admire the hijackers: it takes a lot of guts to terrorize unarmed women and children. And it gives us and our Ummah a great name in the world. The next time I have to tell a westener about Islam, I will be sure to mention our positive policy on hijackings!

          The real reason why we are so hateful of everyone and what they do inspite of our country swirling down the drain is we are repressed, mentally and sexually So this leads to young boys being molested back home and a dictatorship of intellectual ideas. Read about the spanish inquisition and the vicarious perverts that ran the show!

          Guys, just remember loosen your A*s and have some fun! And let Allah (pbuh) decide who he wants to punish and who he does not. He knows better that all you baby mullahs and moulvis out there!



            HMDB's second post on gupshup, and what a fiesty one...

            Ok your right, everyone has a freedom to speak - and I have a right to tell them to shutup. I know its not gonna shut them up. I'm not curtailing their right to post anything they want here. They can keep spouting off, there only making themselves look ignorant.

            I didn't choose to live in the west - I was born here. I am western - born and raised, and I am Muslim. Islam doesn't have any borders - its universal. Being born here doesn't make my opinion any more or less legitimate than anybody elses. Weather I am a freedom fighter, fighting a struggle directly, or someone who supports that struggle vocally, doesn't make a huge difference - both are means to the same ends - liberation.

            I don't support terrorism, I understand the frustrations some face in their struggle to end oppression - and in this respect I 'reluctantly' support them in all of their actions. You talk about the cowardice of the hijackers, 'terrorizing unarmed women and children', well this is the same cowardice you see in the Indian's occupying Kashmir and subjecting the population to violence. But you wouldn't dare speak up against that, would you? Because you only speak up against what you percieve to be the violence of some deranged "nuts", divorcing the entire issue from the wider picture, because it is much more convenient, easier for you to comprehend - you've been programmed to think this way.

            When I talk to 'westerners' (I am a westerner myself), I explain to them the situation in Kashmir, and they seem to understand the frustration which has led to the hijacking. Although they don't support it, they understand why it took place and what purpose it serves for the dis-empowered Kashmiris.

            Your analysis of the conditions in our countries, negates the impacts of colonialism and neo-colonialism. The puppet regimes that rule our nations, the fact that our world has never been de-colonized. Its just an illusion, we live in. Our problems go far deeper than sexual and mental repression - these are manifestations of a post-colonial culture which has never been challenged, because the very structures which support it are held in their position by a greater hegemony.

            HMDB wrote: "Guys, just remember loosen your A*s and have some fun! And let Allah (pbuh) decide who he wants to punish and who he does not. He knows better that all you baby mullahs and moulvis out there!"

            Of course He knows better, but Islam is a religion which embraces resistence. And if you are being subjected to forces of oppression, you are encouraged to resist. This hijacking is a manifestation of this resistance. You can't talk about this hijacking, without talking about the issue of Kashmir. This hijacking has reached its objective, that being bringing the issue of Kashmir to the forefront of the international agenda. Its played its role in the struggle of Kashmiris.

            BTW this post seems to have offended many, which is actually very sad, because it discusses the suffering of Muslims and how this suffering is overlooked. Ironically everyone posting here has overlooked what Mr Xtreme was trying to point out, instead bashing Islam and Muslims, because they don't care about Muslim suffering - because like Mr Xtreme said - Muslim blood IS cheap.



              Before trying to lecture others about keeping religion and state seperate, put your own house in order. Only less than a week ago a Shiv Sena MP called muslims and christians dog in the parliament.Ask this dog to shut up first.


                Unlike you many of us does not like the idea of learning about other religions just to ridicule them, and that too because of our poor understanding. Look around and see if anyone else, Muslims especially are spreading hatred against your religion (unprovoked) without being told from other Muslims to shut up, although it wouldn’t be so hard to find points to ridicule any religion. I’ve said this before and I repeat it for you, try to understand the religion before you start playing with it.

                >>Muslim refusal to live with anybody else and demand division of the territory based on religion is totally unacceptable way to live in the modern world

                I’m just being curious, exactly when should a nation demand an independent country? Are there any specific rules to follow that are accepted by the modern world?

                Everyone has a right to express his/her feeling – however on this forum it is not allowed to post baseless, ignorant or propaganda against Islam. If anyone wishes to discuss Islam he or she can go to the religion forum. I’m sure members there are better qualified to answer questions about religion. By the way welcome to GupShup.

                Now back to the original post, It is indeed a sad situation, not many were and still are not discussing the Chechen war, as if that wasn’t happening. Many members have mentioned Kashmir, but most of them have done that in a manner ke it seems like Kashmiris are behind this, and I honestly doubt that. If they were Kashmiris they would never fly back to India, but they did.

                How often is it seen that an aircraft was hijacked and after so many days none has accepted the responsibility, even Ppl behind bomb blasts accept what they do. Now after seeing India’s reaction on this forum and in general, ’we wont bow’, I wonder why they are torturing the victims and the rest of the world, who cares enough to follow the this and feels sorry for the ppl involved.

                What does this say about Pakistani mentality? Almost every Pakistani is against this, although as Xtreme said this is an Indian plane so why do we care? Why isn’t every Pakistani celebrating this, enjoying this, after all our sisters and brothers are facing situations much worse then this? And we are as they say a terrorist nation.
                Is this really highlighting Kashmir issue, I think not. Not as it should be represented. How many news agencies have brought up the real Kashmir issue, talked about the problem after hijack? Mentioning Kashmir is not enough – especially when they just talk about Muslim leaders from Kashmir.
                I don’t even think that Taliban with get any long lasting positive response at the end of this. They are another nation which does not have any reasons to help those ppl except humanitarian reasons, and one statement with Islam in it and it became an issue. The way they are handling this is not Islamic haaN, but even a tiny mistake reflects the entire Islamic mentality, yak.

                Yes we are hypocrites, and any other creative word, cuz we are too modern and civilized to support mujahedeen, lekin we don’t mind supporting the nations who are responsible for our Muslims brothers and sisters fighting their entire lives for freedom