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    Pakistan's role...

    Do all pakistanis here agree that innocent ppl should not be harmed...and feel for the plight of Hostages? if so , why isnt this being reflected in our posts.
    Considering Pakistan is a country of peaceloving ppl, who are against any kind of terrorism , and WANT good relations with all our neighbours.....what should ideally be her role in this saga...?
    Do we think Pakistan government is handling it the right way?

    Many of the members posting pro-hijack are not regular members, and the ones who do post regularly are not so thrilled about this situation. I’ve noticed two different kind of posts one with sympathy for the victims yet asking to remember the innocent Kashmiris, which is only fair. And then there are dumbos who think this is a joke; they have no respect for human lives, be it Hindu, Muslims or whatever. Seeing the desperate looks in the eyes of relatives of those victims, hearing them crying for help does not make any normal person feel good.

    >> Considering Pakistan is a country of peaceloving ppl, who are against any kind of terrorism , and WANT good relations with all our neighbours.....what should ideally be her role in this saga...?

    I think Pak is in a sad situation, we don’t trust them cuz of ’71 drama, we are being accused to be supporting the hijack and can’t help them even if we want too. A true terrorist enemy would never let the plane land even if the plane risked blowing in the air.
    The ideal role would have been, that Pak shouldn’t be involved in the first place – Lekin knowing what we are capable of, we should’ve stopped the plane in Lahore and end the drama in Lahore. Now that the plane is in Afghan, if allowed Pak or Taliban should end this madness. I guess either one of them Pak or Taliban who tries any action against the hijackers, risks to be accused to have planed the whole drama.

    >> Do we think Pakistan government is handling it the right way?
    No, cuz we can do a better job, if Pak wanted it could’ve stopped the plane but didn’t – that was wrong. But what other options did we have? I guess pak was trying to stay out of this, which we failed to do.

    I think we are questing Pak and Taliban much more then they should be, and forgetting India and it’s mistakes. Never has a hijacked plane returned to the country that is going to be the victim, and never ever have they had permission to takeoff again. I could be wrong but I don’t think that any gov. till date has been so lazy in its actions against hijackers. Why are they waiting or what are they waiting for? Is that maulana really worth loosing 160 ppl for? It seems as an idiotically planed drama, and it’s main propose is to paint Pak as a nation of terrorist. Too bad so many ppl are going to be victims of this power sickness.


      I think we all sympathise with the hostages. they are like anyone of us.. just human beings with families!!!. and who says been an Indian you can not be muslim... there is a significant popluation of Indians who are muslims....

      Yes all people are generally speaking peace loving. its the politians that actually use the hate propaganda for thier personal gains. it is all so easy to sterotype people for political gains.

      some of my best friends are from India and I have never hafd issues due to my nationality. Most of the things said are generally i think pure retoric.


        <<The ideal role would have been, that Pak shouldn’t be involved in the first place<<
        Sabah...Pakistan is NOT involved in it from what i see. The landing of the plane in Lahore was a do or die situation, which Pakistan sensibly handled, since we dont have anything against the innocent passengers. However, for Pakistan to meddle in and try to end it would be going too far, because in that case, each and every finger will be pointed against us. There is not a single pakistani on the flight, the plane is not Pakistan's, and so far they havent been able to prove the hijackers link to Pakistan either. The longer this saga goes on, the more it makes one believe that its an indian drama thats being staged to focus the worlds attention negatively towards Pakistan and Muslims.

        >>Lekin knowing what we are capable of, we should’ve stopped the plane in Lahore and end the drama in Lahore.<<
        I dont agree with that either. Our forces are more than capable of ending such a drama, but that doesnt automatically mean we should have interfered. Its much like USA flying its forces to Iraq to fight a country with whom it has no business fighting.
        Pakistan has handled it perfectly right. They shouldnt have had anything to do with it, and they havent either. The longer this drama goes on, the more it strengthens everyones belief that this is being staged by Indian 'not so' Intellingent agencies, where they are trying to clearly portray Pakistan and ISlam as terrorists. Perhaps because they have seen that Pakistan new military govt. hasnt gotten much of a shunning from the world, something which is bothering India. However, whatever the reason may be for their drama, i think its very strange that a hijacking drama goes on for this long and that they arent even able to hold the plane on their own turf once it lands in amritsar, and that all the countries the plane is made to go to are Muslim countries, and that finally the plane is sent to a country that India doesnt even have diplomatic relations with.....all at the cost of 160 innocent people who are suffering under unsanitary conditions, with a doubtful future, all for the sake of a few minutes of international exposure that India will gain in its favor and against Pakistan. I think India has shot itself in the foot.


          I think all other countries sofar have handled the hijack drama very well except India.

          To me, it looks like a US+Russian+Indian joint venture against Pakistan and Afghanistan which has miserablly failed sofar.

          Last time, India and the US have signed an accord to fight terrorism in the region.

          Russia has called the UN security council meeting to discuss the hijack drama. Ever heard of debating a hijacked plane in the security council of the UN? LOL. And at the same time to divert the world attention to take over Grozny.

          I think ISI should work harder to uncover this conspiracy in the coming weeks.

          Fata Morgana


            Nova: "Do all Pakistanis here agree that innocent ppl should not be harmed...and feel for the plight of Hostages?"

            First off, I do not believe that innocent people should be harmed in any conflict or struggle for freedom. I think the people on this plane can be categorized as 'innocent'. The fact that the hijackers are now demanding money, makes me personally question their motives and their commitment to any struggle for freedom.

            Now, if we turn your question around and ask Indians, 'do all Indians here agree that innocent people should not be harmed...and feel for the plight of the Kashmiris?' I can guarantee you that the majority does not. The majority will not even concede to the fact that innocent people are being denied their rights in Kashmir. Imagine if we, Pakistanis had the same attitude in this situation - we would have to argue, quite ridiculously, that there was no hostage crisis and that Indian's were not being harmed. Its this very attitude of negating a legitimate struggle, which has led to frustration and contributed to acts of violence against India.

            Nova: "if so , why isn't this being reflected in our posts."

            Sabah has answered this well. Because Pakistan (and Pakistanis) are being blamed, yet again for a problem which is internal to India - Kashmir. Indian's are unwilling to accept the fact that Kashmir poses a problem to its unity, due to the inherent desires of its own people, and not solely due to the interference of Pakistan. Until Indian's can accept that there exists a legitimate problem in Kashmir, a problem which stands alone, excluding the interference of Pakistan, there will never be peace.

            Nova: "Considering Pakistan is a country of peaceloving ppl, who are against any kind of terrorism , and WANT good relations with all our neighbours.....what should ideally be her role in this saga...?"

            This is a normative question. What should be Pakistan's role in the saga - Pakistan should contribute any assistance it can to 1) freeing the hostages, 2) arresting those who have contributed to the hijacking. But again, the same normative question can be asked to India. What should India do as a country of peace loving people, who are against any kind of terrorism, and want good relations with their neighbors? Giving the people of Kashmir the freedom to decide their own destiny would be a start. The over half-million Indian troops stationed in Kashmir are as much terrorists (because they too invoke terror in the hearts of Kashmiri's) as these four hijackers.

            Nova: "Do we think Pakistan government is handling it the right way?"

            I think they are handling this in the way any other government would. If the Indian government were not releasing irresponsible statements, implicating the Pakistani government in this crisis, with no proof whatsover, a considerable amount of tension would be reduced.



              whatever u say .... but I think i speak for every Pakistan loving Pakistani when i say that, we salute those who said goodbye to their lives for the lives of their family.

              And we salute those who have given their lives for freedom in the past and will do so in the future. Who refuse to live their lives as slaves under a hindu.

              As Pakistanies we should support them and learn from them. That should be our role.

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                this is precisely the feeling that is sinking in in nationals of both countries slowly. that this is the war and arguably everything is fair.

                this has also put rest of world's opinions in right perspective, particularly honeymooner rupen katyal's murder has done a good a job in exposing the heinous minds and modus operendi of terrorists.


                  i think that Pakistan is handling the situation at its best. As gen. Musharrif gave an interview to CNN today the hijjakers wanted the plane to be in pakistan or Afghanistan. Not in dubai, not in India or any where else.
                  Harkat-ul-mujahideen attacing an indian camp and claiming responsibility and then claiming to have no links to the hijacking.
                  Maulana Azhar having no brother.
                  Indians taking two hours to hold a meeting on this critical situation after the plane landed in Pakistan etc.
                  All these and interview by General proves that India wanted Pakistan get involved in it. the interview is..
                  India using hijacking incident to malign Pakistan, says Musharraf
                  (Updated at 2115 PST)
                  ISLAMABAD: Chief Executive General Pervez Musharraf, on Tuesday, said he was suspicious of India's handling of the hijacking crisis and stated, "India may be using the episode to malign Pakistan."

                  "This was very odd, I would say, they allowed it (the plane) to take off from Amritsar and they are telling us not let it take off (from Lahore)," he said in an interview with CNN.
                  During the stand-off in Dubai, he said the Indian government did not ask the UAE authorities not to allow the plane to take off.

                  On the other hand, he added, the Indians asked Taliban to prevent the plane from taking off in Kandahar. "So this is what is causing a lot of suspicion, that they wanted this plane to land either at Pakistan or in Afghanistan and not anywhere else, not even in India."

                  "Disowning their own plane and their own passengers and therefore the ulterior motive or may be their intention of as usual creating this hysteria of terrorism and trying to link Pakistan or Taliban with terrorism, that is the suspicion that one gets," he further said.

                  Responding to a question, he rejected Indian charges that four of the hijackers were Pakistani nationals. "I do not think this is correct at all. I really do not know how they got these names and how they are saying that, because right from the beginning throughout where they got their passengers." "They were not saying this initially so what has changed this that they said it only yesterday (Monday). They started saying it when it is at Kandahar."

                  Musharraf said the Indian officials had not even started negotiations with hijackers when they levelled this charge. "I don't know how they got this information. So I think this all is fabricated." He said Indians had to take the responsibility for their own aircraft and, "for its people they should not have let this aircraft take off from Amritsar and should have dealt it with themselves."

                  The Chief Executive said Pakistan had cooperated with India totally and "we would like to cooperate with them totally. It's they who should be responsible and they must deal with and resolve it. We will cooperate with them." "Pakistan government has absolutely no involvement in this whole operation and nothing has been done and we do not really know the facts and the people who have hijacked," he added.

                  I think that pakistan did a good job by getting plane out of paksitan as soon as possible.

                  unity, faith, discipline
                  Pakistan Zindabad


                    The people on the plane are innocent and should not be harmed. Hijacking is not the way to advance your cause. I feel sorry for the guy who was killed, he was on his honeymoon and now he is dead. It is sickening. The fight should be against the Indian government and the occupying forces in Kashmir, like the attack yesterday in Srinagar. I do not condemn that, because that is a legitimate target. Furthermore the hijackers asking for money has made me wonder about their true intentions. Put yourself in the shoes of the relatives of the hijacked and you will soon know that this whole episode was unnecessary. I would like to add here that the reaction of the Indian government and the Indian media in the immediate aftermath of this hijacking was disgusting to say the least. They were more interested in maligning Pakistan than interested in securing the release of the people on the plane. I find that inexcusable. India's role in all this is not above reproach.

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                      I think you misunderstood me, what I wanted to say was, ke we have our own problems and a lot of things are happening in Pak right now, so the last thing we needed was some false propaganda to deal with. Pak shouldn’t be ’forced’ to waste time on this.

                      My other statement was non-political, if allowed I wouldn’t care who was in that plane and other xyz-questions – they are innocent ppl and do not deserve this. Lekin as I see it, Pak couldn’t do anything without getting in the middle of drama.


                        I have a question...Why there should be a role for pakistan at all!

                        India has dragged pakistan into it..only for one reason..malign pakistan.


                          Piyar ka rakhwala so what is new. Hasn't India dragged Pakistan into everything possible before. They are becomining more and more comical by the day. They want Pakistan to be declared a terrorist state, a rogue state and whatever else they can think off. This is despite the fact that at the same time they think that Pakistan is a failed and bankrupt state. Why are they so scared s*** of a bankrupt and failed state. Maybe the reality is different. Some of their comical analyst are now praising Taliban to the skies. The ones who were the scum of the earth in Indian eyes only yesterday today deserve the highest medal they can give. Some turn around some hypocrisy. But than again what's new as far as India is concerned.


                            Isn't it natural? A failed state is more scary and to worry about than functioning state. Who cares about South Korea? But whole southeast asia is worried of North Korea.



                              Pakistan is dragged in because all the fundamentalist Jehadi groups operate in Pakistan with the blessing of the Government and the people. These hijackers are product of the brainwashing and hate campaign carried out by these groups against India.

                              If Pakistan supports this kind of terrorist groups, they should take the responsibility for their actions.

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