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List of longest hijackings

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    List of longest hijackings

    List of longest hijackings

    The Indian Airlines hijacking entered its sixth day Wednesday, putting it among the longest such incidents worldwide.

    The following is a list of marathon airline hijackings in the past 21 years:

    July 23 - Sept 1, 1968: 40 days. An El Al Boeing 707 flying from Rome to Tel Aviv is diverted to Algiers by Palestinian hijackers. Following a boycott by international pilots, Algeria releases the seven-man crew and five Israelis on August 31, and the plane is flown to Israel the next day.

    September 6-29, 1970: 24 days. Three planes, from Britain, Switzerland, and the US with a total of about 400 people are hijacked to Zarca in the Jordanian desert by members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (FPLP). They demand freedom for seven Palestinians being held by those countries, plus others in Israeli jails. Israel refuses to negotiate while the others mandate the Red Cross to mediate. On September 12 the hijackers blow up the three empty planes after letting go all but 50 of their hostages. After 24 days of talks, the Jordanian army frees the last hostages, while the seven Palestinian prisoners are released the next day.

    June 14-30, 1985: 17 days. A TWA Boeing 727 on a flight from Athens to Rome with 153 people on board is hijacked to Beirut. Three Lebanese Shiite Muslim militants demand the release of more than 750 Lebanese and Palestinians being held in Israel. Ten days later, Israel releases 31 mostly Shiite Lebanese prisoners. A US hostage is killed in Beirut between two brief stopovers in Algiers. After 17 days, the last hostages are freed with the help of Syria.

    April 5-20, 1988: 16 days. A Kuwait Airlines Boeing 747 is diverted to Mashad, Iran with 111 people on board. Seven hijackers demand the release of Shiite Muslim extremists being held in Kuwait. Two passengers are killed during the 16-day ordeal which ends in Algiers after an aborted landing attempt in Beirut and a stopover in Larnaca, Cyprus.

    March 2-14, 1981: 13 days. A Pakistan International Airlines Boeing airliner is hijacked to Kabul while on a domestic flight between Karachi and Peshawar. Three hijackers demand the release of 92 political prisoners from Pakistani prisons. A passenger is killed on March 6, and the plane flies to Damascus three days later. After 13 days, the hostages are finally released on March 14, as 55 of the prisoners are also freed.

    June 27-July 3, 1976: Seven days. An Air France Airbus with 250 people on board is hijacked to Entebbe, Uganda by seven Palestinians. The hostages are held against the release of around 50 Palestinians by France, Germany, Israel Kenya, and Switzerland. Almost 150 passengers are allowed to go in the next days after negotiators make progress. After seven days, an Israeli commando unit storms the plane, freeing 105 people. Three passengers are killed, as is the head of the Israeli commando and all seven hijackers.

    December 3-9, 1984: Six days. A Kuwait Airways Airbus flying to Karachi with 161 people on board is hijacked to Tehran by four Palestinians who demand the release of 17 people being held in Kuwaiti prisons. Two US passengers are killed. Iranian security forces launch an assault after six days, freeing the last hostages.

    Is the goal to break a record?

    Achtung (just kidding)