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India, Pakistan have to become one country.

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    India, Pakistan have to become one country.

    India, Pakistan have to become one country: top official
    NEW DELHI, Dec 24 (AFP) -
    India and Pakistan have no other option but to work towards becoming one country, Abdul Kalam, the architect of India's missile programme and its May 1998 nuclear tests, said in remarks published Friday.

    Kalam, scientific advisor to the Indian premier, was quoted by the Outlook magazine as saying that if Europe, a continent with a long history of wars, could become one solid entity, then there was hope for India and Pakistan.

    "Having a combined cricket team or a combined hockey team is not the first priority towards unity. The two countries have to become a geographical entity," Kalam, a Muslim, said.

    "It may take take two or three decades, but it will happen for sure. There is no other option."

    India's May 1998 nuclear tests triggered a tit-fot-tat response from neighbour and arch rival Pakistan and attracted a raft of US-led international sanctions.

    India and Pakistan have fought three wars since their partition in 1947 and engaged in a bitter two-month conflict last summer in the divided state of Kashmir.

    Kalam also said a "native mentality" was holding India back from becoming a technological superpower.

    "We are afraid of celebrating the success of our people in various fields. Above all, there is a mindset for propagating a love for foreign goods by the well-to-do, the rich and professionals," he said.

    Kalam started life as a newspaper boy in the Hindu holy city of Rameshwaram, on India's southern tip and overcame his childhood poverty to study science.

    He started his career in 1958 at the Defence Research and Development Organisation, which he later headed. In 1997 he was awarded the Bharat Ratna, or Jewel of India, the highest civilian honour.

    Thats what I said too......but no one listens to me...


      Yes I agree. India should once more become part of the Islamic Khilafah. That way it will be part of the biggest economic and military bloc in the world.

      Islam united India originally. It can happen again. And once more Islam can save the Hindus from degenerating into a nation of prostitution and aids. Goa will soon be like Bangkok. Only Islam can save it.


        For 'everything' Islam is the 'solution'.
        Moronic talk.


          Dream on.



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              Over my dead body! LOL

              Fata Morgana


                That ambition of india will never be realised inshalla


                  over all the indian dead bodies


                    Durango quoted: "Kalam...was quoted... as saying that if Europe...could become one
                    solid entity, then there was hope for India and Pakistan."

                    First off, we don't have to become ONE. Secondly Europe is not ONE - anybody who hasn't been living in a hole in the ground knows that former Yugaslavian provinces just fought one of the most bitter wars in the history of Europe, leaving a fragmented country. The Eastern block of Europe is not included in many of the EU measures, the Euro-dollar is not pervasive in the entire continent. Agricultural policy is not consistent across borders. Turkey (a Muslim country) is not included in many Europeans definition of Europe. Europe is far from being ONE.

                    Durango quoted: Kalam - "The two countries have to become a geographical entity,"

                    Indians cannot bare to recognize and respect the fact that India and Pakistan are separate for GOOD - this my friends is a FACT. Learn to LIVE WITH IT.

                    Durango quoted: "Kalam, a Muslim, said."

                    This article wants us to believe that being a "Muslim" gives Kalam some sort of legitimacy, makes him some sort of voice to be respected amongst Muslims. No Muslim cares for Kalam, he is the maker of a bomb which potentially could kill millions of Muslims (and non-Muslims). He supported the testing of the bomb, forcing Pakistan to follow. He doesn't deserve any respect.

                    Durango wrote: Kalam "It may take take two or three decades, but it will happen for sure. There is no other option."

                    It will not happen, because we are too far apart. Not only are we separate nations, but also separate by culture, ethnicity and religion.