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    Yet Another Indian Movie

    This year I have seen perhaps the fourth movie on the topic of Muslim girl in love with Hindu Boy. In movie "Dehak” the strong message was the same i.e. forget about the religion, as this is the love story of two human beings and religion in a way is just like villain which is the main hurdle between the two lovers. The message given in Indian Movies is clear cut violation of rulings on marrying Muslim girl with unbeliever in Holy Quraan. It is unfortunate that movies on such disputed topic keep on pouring in the market giving absolutely wrong messages. When I see such movies, perhaps Quaid-e-Azam was right in creating a separate sate for Muslims.

    Indians, who always come in favor of secularism, approve of such action, my submission for them is that I am not in favor of even marrying of Muslim Boy with any girl out side of Islam. Marriage is not a just meeting of two lovers in sexual intercourse, but it is a contract between two people who would live together for whole life. This can not be achieved until the spiritual out look of both is same. Such mixed marriages are bound to fail 100% sooner or later. Is this simple message is difficult to understand by Hindu Producers of such stupid movies?


    There is at least one movie this year of a muslim boy and hindu girl, i think amir is hero.. so it is not that way all time.

    but in real life, in india, u see a muslim boy marrying hindu girl much more often than hindu boy marrying muslim girl. in fact, i do not personally know any case of hindu boy marrying muslim girl. this is for simple reason that, no offence meant, muslim girls do not do jobs or do not go to college or like and it is less likely to meet them. For example, quite a few muslims have been good friends of me, in some case even close. but i never know any muslim girl even as a good friend. in fact it is interesting that instances of christian girl marrying hindu boy are more than the other way round.

    of course, all my above statistics is not based on any scientific survey. it is just observation, which has a small sample size and prone to error.

    as far as success rate of such marriages is concerned, it is not bad. but in some cases girls are bit too young and the information told by boy is wrong and they get cheated. but that can happen even in same religion.

    normally girls around 25 make a sensible choice.


      Here we go again, this topic has been discussed at length (beaten to death) in a previous thread a few weeks ago. Farid, please read that thread.


        At a rate of 4 per week , you do spend quite some time in watching indian movies....
        Has it ever occured to you that ppl might have opinions different then yours..
        If hindus and muslims couldnt live together 50 yrs back , how does it mean they can never do that...there are many examples of nations getting over the sick hatred.Are we getting more civilized or regressing deeper into clanish mentality.
        How are u so sure creation of Pakistan was not a mistake....why should I believe that your opinion is based on your vast understanding of sociopolitical phenomenon, rather then narrowness of mind.
        Why cant marriages from different religions be can , but it takes respect and tolerance of different ways of life....


          u watch that many indian films? 4 per week?
          my god sir you have no life. I haven't seen one in 8 years.


            >>This year I have seen perhaps the fourth movie on the topic of Muslim girl in love with Hindu Boy
            Am I the only one here who is reading Year instead of week?

            >>There is at least one movie this year of a Muslim boy and Hindu girl, I think amir is hero.. so it is not that way all time

            That movie was Earth, and you know the guy offers to convert to Hinduism, too bad he dies before he gets the opportunity.

            >>but in real life, in india, u see a muslim boy marrying hindu girl much more often than hindu boy marrying muslim girl
            Maybe it is so, lekin what stops your film industry to show that on screen?

            >>How are u so sure creation of Pakistan was not a mistake?
            How are you so sure that it was? Look at us, both Indian and Pakistanis we can’t even swallow a statement like ‘I don’t hate you’, cuz we still don’t expect that. Not all of us have learned to hate each other, cuz not all of us have been educated in India or Pak, so the feelings we have for each other are based on observations – we judge the situations as we see them or maybe sometime how we want to see them.

            >>Why cant marriages from different religions be can , but it takes respect and tolerance of different ways of life
            They sure can, so why not show a Hindu girl in love with a Muslim boy, without him wanting to convert? By the way I think ke the problem is that, India knows ke marriage in Islam is a religious act, and since marriage with non-Muslims (for girls) is haram, so in my book its Zina and that the ticking point for some of us.


              well... in 'earth' the guy offers to convert and so does the guy in 'bombay'. (I have a firm belief that whatever else u can accuse hindi film makers of, u can't blame them of communalism)


                I guess I got a little carried away......One thing that annoys me is intolerance and the arrogant belief that "We are RIGHT"( If we dont give ourselves any chance of being less then ideal , how can we expect anyone else doing that ). Where we stand today was nones dream....In order to see what isnt going right..we have to reexamine all our views. In this post i wasnt discussing the pros and cons of pakistan.....But nothing is absolute , including the theory behind pkaistan.
                Religions are inherently intolerant. Believers are always a little better then the rest of the world. The only way of seeing beyond that is by putting religion in perspective.( I had asked a question in one of the posts that no one really responded to ..What determines teh worth of a person..his / her belief , or the fact that he / she is a human...what comes first , Humanity or religion ).
                You will find yourself cornered, by using strong words like Zina. In spirit, Marriage , in any religion is a social announcement of committment. This is what gives it , its ahtarraM.....within the religion or across that boundry...

                [This message has been edited by Nova (edited December 28, 1999).]



                  ZZ, you totally seem to have missed the point. The original point was that Allah swt FORBIDS muslim women to marry non-Muslim men.

                  IT is a command from Allah swt.

                  It's not a matter of what happens more and how the results are.



                    Nova, kioN apna sir barbaad kar ria ain

                    I read a quote few days ago and it makes perfect sense to write it political section of GupShup.

                    "The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts."
                    Bertrand Russel


                      What about Taliban falling in love with India. India need it so badly. LOL

                      Fata Morgana



                        Thanks for correcting Nova and 2Pak

                        Nova and 2Pak,

                        This is the problem with you guys without reading the post correctly you start to condemn what I was saying. Movies are very powerful media for conveying the messages. They are the effective way to brain wash young minds who have very little experience in their young age. Emotions rule the young people’s mind rather than logic or reasoning. It is every one’s duty to condemn such wrong messages so that the movies on such sensitive topic should not in any way become means for ridiculing the religion.


                        The way a Hindu guy converted to Muslim, shown in Earth or 1947 should also be condemned. This is another movie to malign and ridicule the Muslim religion. Islam never compel you to become Muslim if you do not want to. If individual has done so, he is responsible for this sin, because by force you can convert non Muslim to Muslim but at heart he would remain what he is. Islam believes in love and compassion rather than brutal force in such matters.