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    A New Sensational DRAMA of RESEARCH & ANALYSIS WING!


    -->. You guyz go to Khatmandu Air Port at the time when a PIA plane would be landing. You would be informed about the time of its landing.

    -->. Your names should be wiped out from the Reservation Desks.

    -->. You guyz always have to speak in Hindi language coz it is very closed to the Urdu accent just to pose yourself that you all belong to Pakistani held Kashmir.

    -->. A strange brief case would be delivered to you in the plane carrying the weapons to make you heavily armed against the passengers and pilot.

    -->. You are suppose to land at Lahore Airport to put pressure on Pakistan's military Govt.

    -->. You are suppose to ask the Indian Govt to free few of the Kashmiri Mujahdeen just to divert attention that all Kashmiris are TERRORISTS.

    -->. Indian Govt will not accept your askings. And we will delay the matter just to gain sympathies all over the world. Meanwhile our MEDIA keeps accusing Pakistan/Pakistani Govt for this act of terriorism.

    Well done Mr A. T./Head of RAW for this drama. Why are you playing with the lives of INNOCENT passengers. As they are your subordinates, so no need of any weapon even they can take control of the plane with a small spoon only.

    Why can't you think that all Kashmiris will not be held responsible for this act of terriorism.

    Why can't you think that there is no FIGHT/RIFT b/w common Indians and Pakistanis.

    Why can't you work for the betterment of common Indians instead of doing these dramas to accuse Pakistan.

    BTW, former Indian President Mr Shanker Deyal Sharma has died. I think Pakistani is also involved in it also????? I know you are thinking like that!!!!!!


    On PTV this evening the Pakistan government representative gave the name of the RAW agent who is on the plane and probably directing the whole operation. What do you mean Nadeem that you think Pakistan is involved in the death of Shankar Dayal. Of course they are, just before he died at the hospital, four Pakistanis were seen in the hospital speaking to the angel of death. ZEE TV produced documents on its news programme to show that the Pakis bribed the angel of death to kill the ex president. You don't believe me, ask the Indian government.

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    [This message has been edited by ehsan (edited December 27, 1999).]


      It is not improbable that RAW could have hired 4 Pakistanis, 1 Afghan & a Nepali to carry out the hijacking operation. I think that the Indian govt is reacting slowly and cautiously because sofar they are not getting the desired results.

      Some of the Indian authorities knew and made public statements in advance that where the plane would be landing next time.

      This hijacking drama has all the ingredients for a hollywood movie.

      Fata Morgana