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Baba-e-terrorism - Hijackers kill 4 passengers, go to Lahore..

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    Baba-e-terrorism - Hijackers kill 4 passengers, go to Lahore..

    Of course, according to blokes here the 4 passengers will now go to less severe hell than those who are alive and so should be congratulated.

    The question is how Kathmandu airport security did not detect people getting in with AK-47.

    That question you have to put up with the Nepalese authorities and not on the Pak forum. LOL

    Fata Morgana


      Despite ZZ cynical comments I would like to offer my sympathies to the families of those who are in this plane. Having said that the killing of the 4 passengers is unconfirmed and probably happened due to the inflexible and silly attitude of the airport authorities at Amritsar airport. Obviously they had no knowledge of how to handle sensitive situations like this. To cap it all I heard an Indian "expert" giving his expert opinion on Zee news and stating that the hijackers were Pakistanis and sending the plane between Lahore and Amritsar was a conspiracy by the Pakistanis. Is there no limits to the obsession and inferiority complex of the Indians, vis a vis Pakistan.

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        Updated 01:20PST: Reuters has just flashed a bulletin saying that the Indian aircraft has landed at an Air Force Base in the UAE. This airbase is about 15km from Dubai International Airport. The plane landed there about 10 minutes ago, according to the Reuters report. Other sources suggest that the hijackers have asked for the plane to be refueled again.
        Updated 01:00PST: STAR News is now reporting that the Indian Airlines AirBus has been granted permission to land at Dubai airport. According to STAR the plane is 'a few minutes away' from landing at Dubai. We are awaiting independent confirmation of these reports.

        Updated 00:30PST: Aviation sources now suggest that the hijacked Indian airliner is headed towards Muscat. However there has been no contact between the plane and the airport at Muscat and neither is it clear that the hijackers will try and land the plane there.

        Updated 00:20PST: Aviation experts have estimated that the Indian plane is roughly an hour away from Dubai or Muscat. They said that it is not possible that the plane could already have landed at Dubai, as is being reported by some traditionally unreliable news sources in Pakistan.

        Updated 23:25PST: Indian government sources have said that the plane has been diverted (refused landing) from both Kabul and Kandahar in Afghanistan, and is now headed in the general direction of the Gulf, possibly Dubai or Muscat.

        Updated 22:35PST: We can now confirm that the plane has taken off from Lahore. AFP is reporting that the plane may be heading towards Kabul. However according to some aviation experts, Kabul airport is not equipped for night landing.

        Updated 22:20PST: The Indian Minister of Civil Aviation has quoted Pakistani sources as saying that after initially asking for medical supplies and food, the hijackers refused both. There are now reports from Pakistani sources that 5 passengers were injured, in addition to the 4 reportedly killed when the hijackers had opened fire in Amritsar. Eyewitnesses speak of 30 ambulances entering Lahore airport, but none of these have come out yet. One of the hijackers accompanied the plane's flight engineer when he came out of the plane to examine one of the engines. The main runway of Lahore airport has now been cleared. We can now confirm that the plane has now been refueled. Updated 21:30 PST: There are unconfirmed reports from Lahore Airport that the hijacked plane is being refueled. Meanwhile Indian and Pakistani Ministers are in direct communication over the crisis. Our sources suggest that reports on some Indian news agencies that the A300 has taken off from Lahore are incorrect.

        Our sources suggest that the hijackers had threatened more killings unless food, fuel and medical supplies were provided to them. Some forms of negotiations are underway between Pakistani authorities and the hijackers. We have also received reliable reports that the Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad is on his way to Lahore on instructions from Delhi, presumably to negotiate with the hijackers if needed. (Bureau Report). Earlier Reports: An Indian Airlines plane has been hijacked and has now landed in Lahore. The hijackers hane reportedly killed 4 passengers, while the AirBus was on the ground in Amitsar.

        The plane was on a flight from Katmandu to Lucknow was hijacked this evening shortly before its scheduled destination. The hijacker, reportedly 5 in number, forced the pilot to fly towards Lahore, but the plane eventually landed in Amritsar, after Pakistani authorities refused the plane permission to land.

        In Amritsar the hijackers demanded that the plane be refueled, but then (according to Indian media) the hijackers suddenly shot-dead 4 passengers and forced the pilot to take off without refueling and head towards Lahore. At this point the Indian authorities asked Pakistan to allow the plane to land at Lahore, a mere 10 minutes flight from Amritsar. The plane was reportedly very short on fuel at this point. The plane eventually landed in Lahore at about 7:37pm, and security personnel immediately surrounded the plane.

        Accordingly to latest reports (21:00PST, 16:00GMT), the hijackers have asked the Pakistani authorities for the plane to be refueled and for medical assistance to be provided to some passengers. There are said to be about 180 passengers and crew on board.

        According to Indian reports, the hijackers are said to be speaking ‘Hindustani’ and one of them has reportedly identified himself as ‘Tahir’. (Bureau Report) (Last Update @ 21:00PST ­ 16:00GMT)



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            You are sick, please get some help.


              ZZ wrote: "Of course, according to blokes here the 4 passengers will now go to less severe hell than those who are alive and so should be congratulated."

              Whats this mean?? You assuming the terrorists are Muslims?

              There are unconfirmed reports that the terrorists are Sikhs, according to interviews with released passengers. One passenger is confirmed dead - stabbed to death. The plane landed, forcibly, in Kandhar, Afghanistan now. Its surrounded by Taliban militia. The Taliban authorities (as well as Pakistan) have denied any connection with the hijackers, both nations did not want to even let the plane land at their airports.

              Anyways, guess we'll have to wait to see what happens, Insh'Allah nobody else will get hurt. And nobody will jump to ignorant conclusions, based on the same hate that provokes violence like this incident itself.



                Still speculation...I probably shouldn't even be posting this but...this is from Reuters:

                "India said a telephone caller identifying himself as a member of the Islamic Salvation Front had claimed responsibility for the hijack and demanded the release of three militants.

                Junior civil aviation minister Chaman Lal Gupta said the caller gave the names of three militants, of which only one -- Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar -- could be heard clearly. The second was heard only as Geelani and the third could not be ascertained.

                In September India arrested the leadership of Kashmir's leading separatist alliance, the All Parties Hurriyat (Freedom) Conference, including its chairman, Syed Ali Shah Geelani."



                  geelani is not charged with terrorist activities. if that is the demand, it is small price to pay. if indians could release four dreaded terrorists for daughter of home minister, why not three for 180 passengers and 20 crew.

                  it was a mistake to let it fly from amritsar. when kps gill was chief, he put roadblocks on runway when plane was hijacked in Amritsar and did not let it fly. now it is in hands of a govt. we do not even recognize diplomatically. it is a mess. but i see no way in which passengers will be hurt unless these blokes blow up the plane, or pilot who has flied 17 hrs at stretch makes mistake.. though they have killed one guy for looking at them, i am sure some people have seen them and it not easy to get away.

                  anyway no hijacking has ever been successful. so that is best we can hope.



                    Palz...its just another flop drama from Secular India to defame Pakistan in the world.

                    Pakistani authorities initially denied
                    permission to the hijacked plane keeping in view the plane hijacking drama India played in 1971 which was essentially the handiwork of RAW, the Indian intelligence agency.

                    May Allah save Pakistan from cospirator India and all its enemies (aameen)
                    It is my belief that our salvation lies in following the golden rules of conduct set for us by our great law-giver, the Prophet of Islam. (Quaid-e-Azam Speech at Shahi Darbar, Sibi, February 14, 1948)


                      See they even killed two of their own crew members to defame peaceful people and now taleban have joined their plot. Things could not be more predictable.

                      P. S. This event describes clearly why 'fake encounter' is the right way to get rid of terrorists. at least foreign nationals should be immediately liquidated after gaetting necessary information so that innocent people's lives are not in danger.

                      Another note, one can only wonder where are sikh militants that UAE authorities claimed to meet and why those are not coming out?

                      One Afghan watcher commented that Taleban should be asked by Indian govt. if paratroopers and commandos from India would be allowed in Kandahar, response to this demand would tell you if they are with the blokes that are trained in their camp or indeed against terrorism as they claim. He also said that Kandhar is the stronghold of Mullah Omar who has no sense of sophistication like Khomeini or no broad perspective. Again Mullah Omar has nothing to lose by conspiating with terrorists. He has lost everything. But it is clear that if Taleban want to get passengers released they have leaverage.

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                        ZZ...your watching too much ZeeTV. There is NO evidence at this point that the Taliban are involved in any of this. Why do you continue to jump to conclusions. Just like your government, you continue to make irresponsible speculative statements.

                        The Taliban didn't even want the plane to land, it had to force its way into the countries airport.

                        BTW, if Indian paratroopers and commandos flew into Kandahar they would be dealt with in the same manner that Russians were dealt with when their paratroopers flew into Afghanistan in the eighties, and rightfully so. Afghanistan has an opportunity to show the world, that they are not pro-terrorist. With BinLaden they ARE willing to negotiate and have attempted to open channels, lets see how they handle this.



                          let us see what taliban do to prove ur hopes. denying or giving permission to aircraft does not mean much. it will land under the barrel of gun.

                          btw, there have been operations before by indian trrops of rescue of hijacked planes. but the soft state in india does neither understand nor has been able to stand the terrorist challenge. leting it out of amritsar has been the worst lapse.


                            India has been hijacked 6 times in the last 15 years and it has always been Indian nationals who had done the hijacking. We all knew something big was to happen at the dawn of the new millenium.


                              It would be wise for India to vaccate Kashmir soon to save themselves from further troubles.

                              Fata Morgana