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    More Info On Islam In India

    N.S. Mehta, in 'Islam and the Indian Civilization,' reproduced in
    'Hindustan ke Ahd-i-Wusta ki ek Jhalak,' by S.A. Rahman.

    “Islam had brought to India a luminous torch which rescued humanity from darkness at a
    time when old civilizations were on the decline and lofty moral ideals had got reduced to
    empty intellectual concepts. As in other lands, so in India too, the conquests of Islam
    were more widespread in the world of thought than in the world of politics. Today, also,
    the Islamic World is a spiritual brotherhood which is held together by community of faith
    in the Oneness of God and human equality. Unfortunately, the history of Islam in this
    country remained tied up for centuries with that of government with the result that a veil
    was cast over its true spirit, and its fruits and blessings were hidden from the popular