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    Islam In India

    I guess I don't have to Introduce this guy.

    Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (India's Prime Minsiter 1947-64) in ‘The
    Discovery of India,’ 1946, p. 218, 225.

    “The impact of the invaders from the north-west and of Islam on India had been
    considerable. It had pointed out and shone up the abuses that had crept into Hindu
    society - the petrification of caste, untouchability, exclusiveness carried to fantastic
    lengths. The idea of the brotherhood of Islam and the theoretical equality of its adherents
    made a powerful appeal especially to those in the Hindu fold who were denied any
    semblance of equal treatment.”

    “...his (Babar’s) account tells us of the cultural poverty that had descended on North
    India. Partly this was due to Timur's destruction, partly due to the exodus of many
    learned men and artists and noted craftsmen to the South. But this was due also to the
    drying up of the creative genius of the Indian people.”

    “The coming of Islam and of a considerable number of people from outside with different
    ways of living and thought affected these beliefs and structure. A foreign conquest, with
    all its evils, has one advantage: it widens the mental horizon of the people and compels
    them to look out of their shells. They realize that the world is a much bigger and a more
    variegated place than they had imagined. So the Afghan conquest had affected India and
    many changes had taken place. Even more so the Moghals, who were far more cultured
    and advanced in the ways of living than the Afghans, brought changes to India. In
    particular, they introduced the refinements for which Iran was famous.”