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Marri and Bugti tribal elders hail government action in Balochistan

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    Marri and Bugti tribal elders hail government action in Balochistan

    The crimes of the Baloch Nawab terrorists are being exposed by their own people.

    Marri lauds action against Farari camps

    QUETTA: Prominent tribal elder Vadera Rab Nawaz (Gezani) Marri has hailed the action being taken by the government against Farari (fugitive) camps in Kohlu and said the miscreants were a big hurdle in the development process. Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, he said the sophisticated arms were funnelled to the area from Afghanistan and the miscreants were trained and sent for subversive activities by Nawab Marri and his sons. He accused Nawabzada Balach Marri for kidnapping and torturing him and said Nawabzada Balach himself operated and supervised the Farari camps. He said rocket attacks were being commanded by Balach Marri and his henchmen in the area. He also held the Balach responsible for the bomb blast in coach near Kolpur. He confessed to be the accomplice of Nawab Marri and his sons in money extortion from people and other illegal activities in the area. "Every person of the area pays money to Nawabzada Balach which are being spent on arms purchase," he added. Nawaz said the whole area looked like a village of the 16th century and residents were forced to lead a miserable life as no development works were allowed by the mighty tribal chieftains. He demanded the government to launch mega projects in Kohlu district, as it exists in other parts of the province.

    Re: Marri and Bugti tribal elders hail government action in Balochistan

    Clan chief urges govt to take action against Bugtis

    Mir Ahmadan Khan Rahija Bugti, chief of his clan and former district council chairman, has accused Bugti tribe chief Nawab Akbar Bugti of conniving with foreign powers to keep Pakistan an “undeveloped” state. Mir Ahmadan alleged that Akbar Bugti, his sons and grandsons were responsible for 152 murders and they had established their own prisons where they detained and tortured hundreds of people. He claimed the Bugtis were responsible for killing 35 members of the Kalpar clan, 16 people of the Rahija clan and seven people of the Masoori tribe[/B]. He claimed that Ata Muhammad and Abdul Wahid, relatives of Haji Ghulam Qadar alias Kakki Deenari, former general secretary of the PPL Sui gas union, had been in Akbar Bugti’s custody for nine years even though ransom of Rs 2.1 million had been paid for his release.

    The Rahija clan chief alleged that the chief of the Jamaate-Islami in Dera Bugti, Amanullah Khan, and two of his party’s activists were slaughtered at the dera of Nawab Akbar Bugti. An FIR was registered by Sui police, because Dera Bugti police were not allowed to register a case against Nawab Akbar Bugti, he said. He claimed that the murdered JI leader’s father Haibat Khan was later kidnapped and tortured and fined Rs 800,000 for registering a murder case against Akbar Bugit. Haibat Khan was still in custody because he could not pay the fine, he said.