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Pakistan , Bangladesh to sign Free Trade Agreement

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    Pakistan , Bangladesh to sign Free Trade Agreement


    Another accomplishment by the Musharraf government that no previous Pakistani government was able to accomplish. You'd have imagined that strengthening our relationship with the Musllim country most like us could have been done by some prior government....

    What I really hope comes next is some form of cooperation on integrating the Biharis into the rest of Bangladeshi society.

    Pakistan and Bangladesh have agreed to finalise bilateral free trade area (FTA) agreement within the shortest possible time, by September at the latest, to create scope for easy access of Bangladeshi products to Pakistani market as a measure for reducing the existing trade gap.
    Pakistan Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz disclosed the decision at a joint press conference immediately after official talks and the signing of MoUs at the Pakistan Prime Minister's House yesterday afternoon.

    Both the prime ministers made press statements and answered questions from reporters on the outcome of the talks.

    Terming the bilateral meeting fruitful and effective, The Pak premier said they agreed to finalise the FTA soon, by the 30th of September, to increase trade relations between the two countries.

    Replying to a question about duty-free access of Bangladeshi products to their market, Shaukat Aziz said Pakistan wants to take more goods from Bangladesh and the FTA will facilitate the process.

    It was discussed at the bilateral talks that a Pakistani delegation led by its commerce minister will visit Bangladesh soon to make a successful FTA deal.

    As Bangladesh side raised the matter of duty-free access of its goods, the host side welcomes it, saying that now a number of items, including tea and jute, are being imported from Bangladesh.

    About Safta ratification, Pakistan informed that they would soon ratify the Safta in their next cabinet meeting, likely this month.

    Shaukat Aziz termed this bilateral visit of Bangladesh prime minister Khaleda to Pakistan historic as it took place after long 12 years. This visit is "really a turning point to take the existing friendly relations to a new height" in all sides of cooperation for wellbeing of the two peoples, he said.

    During the official talks, Shaukat was quoted as saying: "Relation between Pakistan and Bangladesh is a relationship of sharing and caring."

    Pakistan has agreed to increase the number of student scholarship for Bangladesh from 75 to 100, the press conference was apprised.

    Prime Minister Khaleda termed the talks between her and her Pak counterpart as well as official talks extremely fruitful.

    "We have made an assessment of the existing multifaceted cooperation between our two brotherly countries. We have also discussed ways and means of widening such cooperation, including expansion of bilateral trade," she said in her press statement.

    "We have noted with satisfaction the successful holding of annual foreign secretary-level consultations and the eighth meeting of the Joint Economic Commission in recent months," she said, adding that these contacts have added fresh momentum to the process of cooperation between the two countries.

    Khaleda expressed her sincere hope that their discussion would pave the way for a more meaningful and cooperative bilateral relationship.
    Muslims are so good at dividing that they can divide the atom. If you see two Muslims, probably they belong to 3 parties.

    Re: Pakistan , Bangladesh to sign Free Trade Agreement

    This is more for psychological benefit for Pak. On economic front, FTA is mainly for BDesh advantage. They make cheaper goods than us. Also the size of their economy is less than half of ours, so not much there. So we open up our market (not much but still big for BDesh) they have to do us a favor.

    I guess that favor should be (as per Maddy), to give Biharis the citizenship of BDesh and finally end a lingering issue.

    Anyway it is always good to have folks from BDesh over. They argue too much but they are good hearted people.

    Bhalo Ache (Doing good! In Bengali) .
    Mullahs are lying and our soldiers dying!