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Pakistan hunts man claiming killing 100 boys

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    Pakistan hunts man claiming killing 100 boys

    The following gruesome report appeared on Yahoo news today. What is our society coming to:

    By Aurang Zeb
    LAHORE - Pakistani police are hunting a suspected serial killer who left the remains of three boys in an acid barrel and a note saying he had killed 100 more.

    "I have killed 100 children and put their bodies in acid containers and later disposed of the undissolved body parts," police quoted the note as saying.

    Police said the man, identified as Javed Iqbal, left sacks containing photographs and clothes which parents of 16 missing boys identified as belonging to their children, but said so far only three rotting bodies had been found in the barrel.

    They said Iqbal, who had three complaints lodged against him for alleged sodomy dating from 1990 but no convictions, had disappeared, leaving a note claiming to have carried out the killings and a threat to commit suicide.

    Police divers, backed by troops, searched the Ravi river near the three-roomed house he had rented in a poor suburb of Lahore and sent teams to cheap hotels.

    Police said three bodies mutilated beyond recognition were found in a barrel of acid. At first they thought they were the remains of two boys, but later identified a third skull.


    A duty officer at the local police station said dozens of small shoes of different sizes and children's board games were found at the house, indicating that many children had visited it over a period of time.

    The APP news agency, quoting senior police officials, said "the gruesome act...came to light when two bodies, which were mutilated beyond recognition, were recovered from a dingy and deserted the Ravi Road area here on Thursday".

    "The unidentified killer also left a note pasted on the wall saying that he had murdered more than 100 persons while the addresses and photographs of those murdered... are also noted in his personal diary, which has been confiscated by the local police," it said.

    Neighbours said they had seen no activity in the house for the last 15 days and knew little about the man who had rented it. Police said two close relatives of the suspect had been detained for questioning about the man.

    They said his note, dated November 22, said he would kill himself after writing it.

    The suburb west of Lahore, capital of Punjab province, is a typical Pakistani satellite township for the poor with improvised housing packed tightly beside the river Rawi.

    The story was given splash treatment by Pakistani media, which pointed out that Iqbal's rented house was only 200 metres (yards) from the nearest police station.

    In the mid-1980s dozens of people were killed in Punjab and North West Frontier provinces in attacks which police blamed on a so-called "hammer group" after a team broke into houses and bludgeoned occupants to death with a hammer.

    The group was never found or arrested.

    But n this case, the killer, left a suicide note, alongwith all the other proofs of those he had so viciously, murdered. There are many letters and bags of belongings.

    He is Jeffery Dhalmer of Lahore. Rana Jawed Iqbal. One day Hollywood would be looking for his story. It would be a dreadful movie. The accounts of every murder is documented by the murderer himself. He was engaged in this savag activity for over a year now. He would molest the little boys and kill them.

    On 22nd Nov he left note that he is rushing to Ravi Road to float himself. While he sqaundered 100 of innocent boys bodies into pool of acid.

    Is this a punishment levied upon our nation by 'whosoever'??

    sad, indeed very sad!!!


      All my feeling go for those little angels and their families, who will suffer for the rest of their life.

      Regarding the suicide note, a US expert on this sort of case has pointed out that the action of leaving a note for the police is not 'abnormal' for such a person. But the psychological reason behind these are to attract attention and then disappear to commit the same crime somewhere else. A sort of challenge to the police etc and all this gives s psychological satisfaction.

      I doubt that that evil person has actually killed himself.


        Re: Pakistan hunts man claiming killing 100 boys

        There were no after thoughts , we forgot
        So happening again
        Country’s biggest child abuse scandal jolts Punjab

        In same Showbaz government


          Re: Pakistan hunts man claiming killing 100 boys

          Our worst track record
          تاریخ پر ایک نظر، 100بچوں کو زیادتی کے بعد قتل کرنے والا

          ??????? | Dannka News جاوید اقبال


            Not teying to take away from the gravity of the current situation with the Kasur children... but I've heard from SO many people in Pakistan that the serial killer was fake. No man named Javed Iqbal ever existed and this was apparantly a sensationalist (fake) news story to cover up another big-shot politicians scandalous private life.

            Any truth to those claims?