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Mahatma Gandhi named 'Asian of the century'

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    Mahatma Gandhi named 'Asian of the century'
    Mahatma Gandhi named 'Asian of the century'

    Mahatma Gandhi, father of the nation, has been named 'Asian of the century' by the reputed 'Asiaweek' magazine, winning over strong contenders including Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping and legendary Japanese film maker Akira Kurosawa, reports PTI.

    "Gandhi's name is the first to spring to mind when thinking of great Asians," the weekly says in "the Asian of the century" cover story which appears in the latest issue of the weekly, according to a release of the Hong Kong-based weekly.

    To name one person as the 'Asian of the century', the weekly's editors looked to individuals from five areas who have each contributed to the betterment of Asia in their respective fields over the past 100 years and from among the five who topped their separate categories, Gandhi was picked as the 'Asian of the century', it said.

    "More than 50 years after his death, Gandhi is the only Asian leader this century whose achievements and influence have transcended international borders. Gandhi showed that freedom and dignity are inherent in people, and are not qualities to be allocated by a minority in power," it said.

    While Gandhi topped the category of 'moral and spiritual leadership', Morita Akio, co-founder of Japanese multinational 'Sony', was selected leader in the business and economics field.

    Other leaders selected were Charles Kao Kuen, father of fibre optics (science and technology), Akira Kurosawa, first asian to win an Oscar (art, literature and culture) and Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping (politics and government).

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