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    Guess, who is most concerned about India ??

    A Man from Pakistan, who calls himself Peshawari :

    Some of the topics, Peshawari has posted in the recent past :

    1)Lonely future for India's elderly

    2)India and the world

    3)Half of all Indian children under four are malnourished.

    4)Indian Province Strikes Against New Delhi

    5)India's "sorry state of affairs"

    6)Kashmir : Fundamentalism takes root

    And now guess what is Mr. Xtreme's ultimate test of India's secular status ??

    --- The no. of times a Muslim boy has married a Hindu girl in the history of Indian Cinema.

    Mr. Xtreme, I can give u some examples of that in real life :

    Sharukh Khan & Gauri
    Azharuddin & Sangeeta Bijlani
    Arbaaz Khan & Malaika Arora (of the 'Chaiya-Chaiya' song fame)
    Aamir Khan also has a Hindu wife

    and , believe me there are innumerable others.
    And also , we Indians stopped taking notice long ago.


    Now here you are in the politics forum of a Pakistani forum and you are trying to make out we are obsessed by India?

    Peshwari has posted some very enlightening articles and more power to him for doing so. Durrango and Sarwar have posted plenty of stuff with opposite opinion so why you only got a problem with us?

    And yes, I know that in real life you can't stop inter-faith marriages, just like the KKK couldn't stop individual white girls from marrying blacks. I am not talking about individual cases.

    Indian cinema represents India. If they cannot stomach the idea of a hindu girl marrying a muslim guy on screen then that says a helluva lot about the religious bigotry that exists in India. It wouldn't be so bad but they are happy to show muslim girls marrying hindus.

    Secular India? Don't make me laugh.


      You sure make me laugh,Xtreme.
      Incredible logic you have.
      Inter-religion marriages in real life aren't proof enough of India's secular status but celluloid marriages are solid testimony.
      I don't know to how to answer that......
      Thank you and have peace with yourself !!!



        The logic is very sound my friend. You just haven't grasped the concept. What people do in their private life will not affect Indians as a nation. When it is done by the politicians or in the cinemas it creates more of a stir.

        I know there was a commotion raised last year when there was a film released showing a muslim girl with a hindu guy. I don't remember the name of the film but it had an English title.

        Let me give you another example to illustrate my point. In an old James Bond movie, Roger Moore was shown kissing a black woman. There was an outcry even in England at the time by people who found it offensive. It would probably be tolerated nowadays because times have changed.

        Now what do you suppose the RSS or VHP would have to say if a an Indian film showed let's say, the son of a muslim cleric marrying a Brahmin girl? How would Indian public take it?

        I know that Film Directors in general are artist types so are pretty liberal. So why don't they make a film along these lines unless they are afraid of the reaction in secular India?

        Peace to you too.

        p.s. I am especially interested in comments by Indian muslims like Abbas and Sarwar. Please feel free to enlighten us with your opinions.


          Mr. Xtreme...
          "I know there was a commotion raised last year when there was a film released showing a muslim girl with a hindu guy. I don't remember the name of the film but it had an English title."

          I am so glad you asked this question....The film's name was "Bombay" and yes it did show a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl as the romantic leads. And there WAS a big commotion raised by guess who -- Muslim fundamentalists !!! Imam Bukhari of the Jama Masjid, Delhi was especially upset with a Muslim girl shown with a Hindu guy. Certain Muslims were also upset about scenes in the film where the Hindu boy opens the Muslim girls veil. So in a lot of small towns certain scenes in the movie were cut so that "religious sentiments of Muslims are not hurt."
          It is due to incidents like these that I almost agree with you regarding our secular credentials !!!!!!!!!


          [This message has been edited by BombayKid (edited November 24, 1999).]


            i am tired of reading your stupid questions which you put forward to indian muslims.
            the communalism you talk about is foreign to us because we stay in a locality where hindus are in majority and the same thing is also about our business. we never have found to be discriminated because of our religious beliefs. no doubt you dont like to hear this things but my brother fact is different from fiction. if you try to relate movies with our lifes then you are absolutely wrong as you are wrong about your opinions on india.
            you have shia sunni fighting with each other but i have never seen any fight of that nature in india. so much is the secular fabric intact in india. take care of yourself. i also would like to tell you a incident. about 3-4 years there had been fight between indians and pakis in britain. both factions were muslims but the indian muslims had their loyalty clearly spelled out in that incident. i think that will clear you misunderstanding about we muslims position on the issue.
            jah apni hasti bana. doosro ke rehem ya barbadi se idd nahi hoti



              Thanks for the info. I can well believe that muslim fundamentalists kicked up a fuss as it is not allowed for muslim women to marry non-muslim men. That is the shariah as far as I understand, it is not my own opinion (although I agree with it).

              It still doesn't answer my question though, as to why the reverse situation is never shown, i.e. muslim guy/hindi girl? What do you think?

              BTW, I will come back to your other post in the Arts and Culture section later when I have some more time.


              I asked for your opinion on the above issue, and you started mumbling about Shias and Sunnis for some reason. As a proud Indian muslim guy, surely you have some opinion on why you are represented in Indian films this way?

              Abbas bhai, when are we going to see in India the film called "Love is Blind" starring Abbas and Raveena Tandon?

              Answers on a postcard pleez.



                i fully support Mr. Xtreme on this issue. When the film Fire was released mr.bal thakeray went on record as saying that he wouln't have minded the film if the girls shown in the films as lesbians would have been muslim characters!! yet he protested against the film cos it was showing 2 hindu lesbos.

                and this from one of the most powerful politicians in india!!

                Also, film stars by defintion tend to be very 'liberal' and are not a good representative of society's attitudes as a whole (even in pakistan). but even in Bollywood i cannot think of a single film --except EARTH-which shows a muslim guy in love with a hindu girl. and even that one is not a happy ending!!

                yes, mulsims with ghayrat [self respect] cannot tolerate muslim women going with kaafirs as it is not allowed in our religion.
                brother abbas--what are your views on this?

                also as far as our religion is concerned-it is the ruling that if a muslim woman does marry a kaafir [non-muslim] she automatically becomes a kaafir and is no longer a muslim as far as shariat is concerned. thus actresses like nargis-who married sunil dutt-lost her religion on marrying him [unless he converted].


                  I havent seen a indian movie in 8 years and I AM SO DAMN PROUD!!!!
                  That has got to be a record. Since most ppl with no lives cant say they haven't seen a hindi film in one month!

                  [This message has been edited by sabah (edited November 25, 1999).]


                    Mr. Xtreme has a point here. On the one hand he is saying that he opposes any Muslim Girl marrying a non-Muslim guy. But he is also angry at Indian Movies that don’t show such a relationship. The words that come to mind to describe his behavior are: lost , bewildered, befuddled, dazed, dumbfounded, die-hard something.

                    If he opposes such relationships so religiously (through his Shariah and whatnot) why in the world he would want Indian Movies to depict such consanguinity? Now he has gotten me all confused again.


                      Let me spell it out for you then. I am a muslim so I don't believe in something that goes against my religion. That is why I have always said that muslim girl should not marry non muslim. That is accepted islamic opinion.

                      Indian films are supposed to be secular and modern in their outlook, boyfriends/girlfriends and the rest of it etc. Generally they have moved away from old values. So why do they have a problem with showing the scenario that I set out?

                      Here is the bottom line: I do not claim to be a liberal, rejector of religion. That is why I hold my opinion.

                      Indians on this forum come here claiming equality for Indian muslims but this example shows that is hollow lies. If they said straight out that they are not obliged to pander to their muslim minorities then fine, I would have no arguments.

                      Can you see the H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y?

                      Indian muslims where are you hiding?


                        Mahesh Bhatt's mother is Muslim father Hindu.

                        Asha Parekh's mother is Muslim father Hindu.

                        Aftab Shivadasani's mother is Muslim father is Sindhi Hindu.

                        Pooja Bedi has married a Muslim Farhan and would be raising her kids as Muslims.

                        Zeenat Aman's father was Muslim, mother a Maharashtrian Hindu.



                          So why won't they make a film to reflect the awful reality? Can you answer THAT question please?


                            This is more like it.. now it is xtremely clear to me.

                            Tell me one more thing. After Indians admit that they do, indeed, have double standards, would that satisfy your thirst for hate of things un-Islamic? After the movies, you have a lot of others issues that you have to make peace with yourself. It always starts with Movies, Cricket, Influence, and ends with Gas Chambers. Let’s not go there.

                            Anti-Semitism is as minute as saying “Jewish dominated press”, to “Jewish influenced Global Economy”. People don’t realize the serious consequences of small time prejudice. History is full of such incidents. India and Pakistan are the same, Hindu or Muslims, Buddhists, or Sikhs. Most people of the sub continent are sick of a few Indians and Pakistanis poking fun at each other and living in the dark ages. We need to work together and look for the solutions to our immediate problems. By not working together, we are not only making the world laugh at us; and we are keeping ourselves not only behind times, but also in the gutter called racial prejudice and religious hatred.


                              Fine. Now you recognise that we need to work together. general Musharraf has just called for unconditional talks to be resumed with India over the Kashmir dispute. India has so far refused to reply. India also refuses to accept third party 'interference' so UN resolutions are out of the window. What do you suggest next?