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UK states Musharraf's role in Kargil

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    UK states Musharraf's role in Kargil

    Gen Musharraf was personally involved in Kargil episode: UK

    London, November 28: Britain has said the military ruler in Pakistan Gen Pervez Musharraf was personally involved in the "disgraceful" Kargil episode but has expressed its willingness to begin talks with the new military regime.

    "Gen Musharraf has a reputation to live down over his personal involvement in this abortive and disgraceful episode," British Foreign Office Minister Peter Hain said criticising Pakistan's military occupation of Kargil.

    While calling for fresh talks on Kashmir with India, Hain told the `Sunday Telegraph' in an interview published today "Kashmir is frightening flashpoint and we know the two countries came very close to a nuclear exchange over it."

    In a major policy shift, Britain has told the new military regime in Islamabad that it is ready to begin talks with the army authorities who had overthrown the Nawaz Sharif government in a bloodless coup on October 12.

    "Gen Musharraf will find us ready listeners and willing to play a constructive role as long as he gives uncompromising commitments to building a new democracy," Hain said.

    Britain also said it wanted Pakistani cooperation to track down exiled Saudi terrorist Osama Bin Laden, currently sheltered by the Taliban regime in neighboring Afghanistan.

    Islamabad should also sever political and financial links with the Taliban and sign the comprehensive test ban treaty on nuclear tests, Hain said.

    the hell with Hain and U.K.


      Clinton's instruction have finally reached Tony Blair and he has changed his tune as per the orders of his master. As for Peter Hain who gives a damn. Musharraf is first and foremost answerable to the Pakistani nation.


        Hain's words are like poison for Pakistani people. The last thing we need is a civil war between secular and religious forces. Musharraf must stay away from provoking the islamists and concentrate instead on improving the economy, health and education of the citizens of Pakistan.

        As India will find out, it is a big mistake to take on the fundamentalists. Jihad is what they live and die for. What UK and US require is that Pakistan does their fighting for them against Osama and the Taliban. It's not our problem. Pakistan has it's own problems to sort out, we can ill afford to start fighting wars on behalf of our enemies.