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    Devil’s Alternative

    I believe that those who keep silent while all kinds of atrocities are committed against people who are not like them are Devils. These folks should be ashamed of themselves. Pakistan has turned into a battleground of religious extremists and fanatics and those who dont speak out against crimes committed by these religious fanatics are as much guilty as those who commit the crimes are.

    I guess after these Devils get over what skin color, and what kind of Nukas-Bandi firka they prefer, may be they will wake up to the reality of their sorry state of existence.


    These peoples are the one who were referred as THE WORST PEOPLES UNDER THE SKY by our Rasool (SAW). They shed blood to satisfy their own anger and they do it in the name of tha Rasool (SAW) who was called RAHMAT-UL-ALAMEEN, the Rasool who forgive peoples of Taif when he had a chance to crushed them. They are refered as Pigs and Monkeys, and they are acting like pigs and monkeys. In their eyes only person who has a right to live is the one who follow their believes.


      NYA isupport you. These people are not humans but animals and the worst thing is that they carry out their dirty deeds in the name of Islam. The quicker we get rid of them the better it will be. God I hate Zia for inflicting this on Pakistan. I sincerely believe that Zia was God's revenge on Pakistan.

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        The title Devil's Alternative doesn't look appropriate, I think change this title to "Devil's Advocates" which is much closer to define such people.

        But you have to think, who had forced them to become "Devil's Advocates"? Is it not the leadership of the country, right from 1947, who were "Devils" perhaps worse than "Iblis" except one or two, responsible for creating such an environment?


        There are many "Devils". And Zia-ul-Haq, once called himself as Amirul-Momenin was one of them. May Allah save us from such Amir-ul-Momenin alias "Devils" in future.


        FARID M


          ehsan...>>And Zia-ul-Haq, once called himself as Amirul-Momenin.......<<

          amir ul momenin, devoid of momenin


            We all are guilty! Look into yourself first. The world starts from within.

            Fata Morgana