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Brothers in Arms - Shiv Sena and the BJP

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    Brothers in Arms - Shiv Sena and the BJP

    All great personalities of Maharashtra, from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to Shahu Maharaj had visions of a prosperous and progressive Maharashtra. They toiled throughout their lives for the fulfilment
    of their dreams. Where the basic needs of every person would be satisfied, every individual would feel safe, infrastructure for development would be provided and the culture of the state would be nurtured and grow , leading to a life of contentment.

    This is the path that the ShivSena–BJP combine has been traversing.

    We now seek one more opportunity to continue our mission in the interest of Maharashtra!

    Balasaheb (Bal) Thackeray

    Agree with your intimation of Shiv Sena and indeed the rise of Hindu Fundementalism. Although Shiv Sena were kicked out of power in Maharashtra in the last elections, and although the BJP is in a coaltion of 24 parties, Hindu fundementalism is very much alive. However much so-called Indian secularlists (including certain Indian Muslims) speak of the moderation of the BJP or the people's rejection of Hinduvta, India is headed towards a very slowth yet sure path to a Hindu India.

    Like Adolf Hitler who compromised his principals in the short term to join a coaltion government, and then seized power by undermining the Geman state from within - the BJP/Shiv Sena and other Hindu Fundo's will do the same. Though, where the Shiv Sena comes out openly in attacking minorities, the BJP is more sophisticated and is following a more gradualist programme - one that includes co-opting other minorites like the Sikhs, Christians and some Muslims to divide and dismember the minority political power in India, and then gradually seize the the moment to push ahead the programme of Hinduvta.


      Hi Xtreme,


      xcuse me, i just realized what Xtreme has misinterpreted Maharashtra as


      Maharashtra isn't anything like akhand bharat, it happens to be a state in India,Maharashtra's where the marathis come from, like BombayKid, i guess. So whatz wrong if the Shiv Sena and BJP wanna work for the betterment of maharashtra? Nice bit of an ass you've made yourself appear as. (xcuse the pun) Better luck next time in your mudslinging missions.
      kmalik, where does fundamentalism come in to the picture in what Xtreme posted, care to explain?
      Simple ain't easy.


        Fear not Queer boy, I know what I am doing. I also know what Maharashtra is. Just establishing the link between My man Bal T and the BJP. More to come!



          Maybe i can give you some pointers. I take it that you wanna dig up some stuff that says shiv sena and BJP are involved in a collusion to spread hindu fundamentalism. Your cut 'n paste post on this thread doesnt quite serve that purpose. It kinda projects the Shiv Sena as a progress minded party, joining hands with the BJP for the betterment of the marathis, as Chatrapati Shivaji wished.

          And yeah, i dont believe you knew Maharashtra wasn't some kinda Akhand Bharat.
          Simple ain't easy.


            The Congress in India had electroral alliances with the fanatical Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) in states like Kerala. It even came to power in Kerela with their support in the 80's and the 90's. Now.....the IUML is known for not just flaring communal passions but also making anti-India statements. But they should thank their stars that they are in a country where they are allowed to say the stuff that they do and still not be branded communal. So when the Congress has electroral alliances with such a party in certain states they are still not considered communal --- no eyebrows are raised, not one word is said in our "secular" press. But IF the BJP has an alliance with the Shiv Sena in one state or has links with the RSS, they are compared with Hitler's Nazi Party !!!
            People who don't know the history of Indian politics should better not comment because they'll only end up embarrassing themselves. You guys have no idea what the Congress have done to the country's secular fabric over the years, specially by supporting fundamentalist bigots like G. M. Banatwala and Syed Shahabuddin (also editor of "Muslim India"). If Bal Thackeray is a bigot, then so are these guys. But in a way it's good that Mr. Xtreme is visiting sites like the Shiv Sena's one because at least he's reading the viewpoints of "fanatics" before making judgements. The Shiv Sena came to power not because of their so called anti-Muslim stance but for the rising corruption levels in Maharashtra and they were kicked out also because of their inability to provide good governance. They would have fared even worse had Sharad Pawar, Tariq Anwar and Sangma not broken away from the Congress, but who cares about these trivial details. You guys have made up your minds that Hindus are fanatic people. There's no use reasoning with you guys, unfortunately !!

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