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    Today's headlines!

    As per a report by United Nation, it is revealed that the killing of innocent Muslims in Serbia, in July 1995, was actualy corroborated by United Nation peace keeping force. The UN peace keepers actualy provided the lists of places where the Muslims were living or hiding. This merciless killing took the lives of more than seven and half thousands Muslims. The film is made by Holland Radio and ironicaly the United Nation soldiers which took part in it are also Dutch. The film depicts these animals, drinking, and enjoying the results of their covet actions. This film will soon be released on BBC. The world would then know that those who claim to be so much civilized are actualy so downright bigots. Iqbal has very rightly said:

    ~~Hai jurm e zaeefi ki saza marg e mufajaat

    On lighter side

    Ex Khatoun Awal, Begum Kalthoom Nawaz has complained that her husband, Nawaz Sharif, has lost 30 Ibs of weight in 41 days of detention. She further says that in this solitude all he does is remember Allah!!! She said that they have never remained away from one n other for so long in the past, and she feels the pain of separation now and that life is in the hands of All-Mighty and not by any General!!

    Everyone looses some weight in confinement. I wonder how Begum Sahiba so accuratly measured the lost wieght of her beloved husband in just a glance. May be she weighed him by her gaze. It is true that one remembers Allah while in trouble and Nawaz Sharif has also said that 'Marnay wala bachanay walay say ziyada takatwar hai'.

    .....but so did the General when his plane was refused landing!!

    and yet another intersting news is by Shabaz Sharif!! He wishes to ride the gallows, hundred times!!!

    But how??

    He also claims that he was denied all the information/news. While he was one who had his internet site open and was trying his level best to gain some sympathies from the browsers!!!

    ho ho ! Tell you what? Change the title to "Auntie jee ki aaj ka masala" !
    Simple ain't easy.


      Dear Queer, whatís the matter? Donít you like that? We all need a little laugh now and again. Here is someone from a country that canít tell the difference between a wood-glue and formaldehyde, and are worried about Dutch contingent of the UN. Some here worry too much about others while their own lives are a mess. Man, just lay back and enjoy!


        Amazing that a guy who only uptill a few weeks thought and acted as if he was Allah, is now suddenly remembering the true Allah. How the mighty and corrupt fall. Nawaz was a perfect example of power corrupts and absolute power-----------.