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Would you call yourself Indian or Pakistani?

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    Would you call yourself Indian or Pakistani?

    Is there anyone on this forum with mixed parentage. Father Indian and mother Pakistani or Father Pakistani and mother Indian.

    What would these children be loyal to. Pakistan or India.

    I suspect if they are Muslims they would be loyal to Pakistan.

    If they are Parsi, Hindu, Sikh, Ahmedi or Christian they would be loyal to India.

    Also depends where they are raised. If they are raised in Pakistan they would call themselves Pakistanis and have a deep hatred against India.

    If they were raised in India they would be Indians and have a deep grudge against Pakistan.

    If they are raised outside India or Pakistan - Depends .......?

    What do you'll think??

    Most Urdu speaking people of Pakistan have their grandparents or Parents from India. Do these older generation have any attachments towards India or more antipathy.

    Same could be asked for millions of Hindus , Christians, Parsis and Sikhs who migrated from Karachi, Lahore and other cities to India.

    There is a small percentage of Indian Muslims who have always shown loyalty to Pakistan. Support Pakistan in cricket matches etc. Given a choice would they move to Pakistan.

    Would Pakistan approve of non-Muslims supporting India and Indians. Hindus, Sikhs , Christians and Parsis supporting India. When Bengalis protested Pakistani army it was perceived that it was the mischief of Hindu Bengalis.

    There are some corrections to ur post.
    Ive have met many hindus from Pakistan and they say they are Pakistanis first and then hindus. Christians in Pakistan loathe India for its atrocities in Nagaland. So do Pakistani Sikhs and Parsis. Pakistani Parsis have the greatest freedom in Pakistan. One of Pakistan's top journalists, Ardeshir Cowasjee is a Parsi. So we have nothing to approve. Of course Christians, Shias, Hindus, Parsis and Sikhs suffer persecution in Pakistan sometimes (not everyday like in India), but that doesn't make them hate Pakistan and love India. Both India and Pakistan dont have complete religious tolerance.


      I know many Parsis from Karachi who are ashamed to call themselves Pakistanis but would prefer to call them Indians.