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Gen. Parveez Musharraf .... The right Man for Pakistan

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    Gen. Parveez Musharraf .... The right Man for Pakistan

    Gen. Parveez Musharraf: A right man for Pakistan political leaders?????

    I think so!


    I think so too. He has shown himself to be educated, honest and a man of dignity. But even if you do not agree with the personal assessment of the man, it is a fact that he has no choice but to do something for the country. He has no electoral mandate, nor does he have much international support - it is a case of "do or die". Given that choice, I think he will do his best to put things right. Furthermore, many of the people he has appointed so far are technocrats or intellectuals - a welcome change from the jahil waderas and their friends that were bleeding the country dry.


      I think the General will become more and more popular and likable (inter)nationally as he succeeds along the course he has taken.

      Fata Morgana


        Mr. Gur Malai or Mr, Adultrated Ras Malai,

        Will you please explain term "Jahil Wadaras"?? I have consulted every English Dictionary but could not able to find out its meaning. If this is a new term for Nawaz Sharif and Co, perhaps you will enlighten us the level of your vocabulary.

        By the way are you he or she or--- in between? Sorry no offense.


          He is doing good job...geting all the pigs out good i hope he becomes khomeni of pakistanis


          Till next time***K_I_S_S***


            Zarif ji -

            "Jahil Waderas" means " illiterate feudals". I was transliterating from the Urdu and made a spelling mistake. However, I do apologise that you wasted your valuable time looking it up in the dictionary - out of interest in which dictionary were you hoping to find Urdu transliterated into English?

            Our deposed PM surrounded himself with feudals and others, chosen not for their merit, but for their inordinate influence on the disenfranchised Paksitani rural people, who have the misfortune to live in the areas these feudals have usurped in their own name.

            Yes, there may be a minority of feudal landlords who are progressive and care for the welfare of their subjects, but anyone who remains a part of that archaic system will perpetuate the injustice it wreaks, irrespective of his good notions.

            I hope that this clarifies matters and I look forward to reading your cogent views on the future our nation faces. Perhaps this could be the beginning of a constructive dialogue on the impact that the feudal system has had on our society.


              General Musharraf, so far so good. He has to keep up the pressure on the looters of the nation and throw them in jail if they don't pay their dues. Also he has to turn his attention to the plight of the common people and try to improve their lot. Perhaps some of this returned money can be used to provide relief to the poor. More power to Musharraf and hope he throws all these "Jahil Waderas" in jail.


                General Musharraf has done everything right so far. Cracking down on the looters and steering clear of a confrontation with the fundamentalists. Pakistan is at the end of the day, a nation of muslims and we do not want to see civil war between the islamists and the secularists.

                My only worry is that US or other foreign body puts pressure on him to close down the madrassahs and start handing over people that they find undesriable.

                we need the government to concentrate on improving the economy and social welfare of the average Pakistani rather than indulge in useless confrontations with religious sensibilities of certain groups.

                Looking at what is happening in Afghanistan though I have certain worries for the future. The US is using sanctions and military might to turn the Taliban against Usama bin Laden. Taliban have got no argument with US. Why not help them and develop friendly relations if US has peace and tranquility at heart?

                Same is true with Pakistan. If developed countries can show that they sincerely want to assist Pakistan to turn the corner then goodwill can go a long way.


                  A great WAR hero and A great leader with true patriotism for the country

                  Yeh GhaZii Yeh Taira puRRAssRar Bundaiy


                    The day Nawaz Sharif was overthrown was one of the happiest days in my life, and it is better still that General Pervaiz Musharraf has turned out to be an excellent leader. He is Pakistan's salvation, and I feel that he will probably be the best leader Pakistan has ever had. He has a massive task ahead of him, yet he is not in a hurry, and is moving confidently ahead in the right direction. Many have tried to equate the militray coup of 12 October with the other military coups in Pakistan's history. But I believe this is very different - what actually happened on 12 October was a silent revolution. The Chief has started a revolution which will not only bring across the board accountability, but also the end of the old poltical class. The revolution will lead slowly but surely to the end of feudalism and the wadera system, a stronger Pakistani federation, a wealthier Pakistan, social and economic justice, increased emphasis on eduaction and rights of women and the deprived. Just look at we has already done - arrested the corrupt rich and mighty, appointed excellent people from ALL the provinces to the new institutions, brought confidence to the people, and restored provincial harmony.

                    Just look at the divided international reaction. While some governments continue to condemn (withiut the slightest reasoning), all the main press and media have 'fallen in love' with the general. A test of how good impression the general has made - just look at India's reaction. THEY CANNOT BELIEVE THAT THE VICTOR OF KARGIL IS NOW THE UNCHALLENGED RULER OF PAKISTAN. NO WONDER THEY ARE THE ONLY GOVERNMENT WHICH IS STILL RECOGNSISING THAT TRAITOR SHARIF AS PRIME MINISTER. INDIA HAS FINALLY MET ITS MATCH IN GENERAL MUSHARRAF. LONG LIVE THE CHIEF - ARMY RULES !!