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Fatwa against Osama issued

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    Fatwa against Osama issued

    ISLAMABAD, Nov 19: Muslim scholars supporting the Afghan opposition have issued a fatwa declaring the execution of Osama bin Laden would be legal under Islamic Shariat law, a report said on Friday.

    The religious decree was issued after a meeting in the opposition stronghold of Taloqan, in northern Afghanistan, on Tuesday, the AIP said.

    The fatwa accused bin Laden of "arming and funding the ruling Taliban militia to continue bloodshed in Afghanistan," the news service said.

    No comment was immediately available from the opposition.

    The clerics, loyal to ousted Afghan president Burhanuddin Rabbani, also charged the Saudi millionaire had "rebelled" against Rabbani's Islamic government, the agency said.

    "The execution of bin Laden will therefore be not un-Islamic," AIP quoted the fatwa as saying.

    Bin Laden, who arrived in Afghanistan during Rabbani's regime, has been staying in the country as a guest of the hardline Islamic Taliban militia.-AFP