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Indian Province Strikes Against New Delhi

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    Indian Province Strikes Against New Delhi

    Indian Province Strikes Against New Delhi

    Tribal separatists in western Tripura, a state in India, opened fire at a bazaar Nov. 15, killing 18 bystanders and injuring many more before retreating to bases in Bangladesh. The violence continues a recent upsurge in the guerrillas’ campaign for an independent homeland that has killed upwards of 10,000 in the last two decades. Tripura has put New Delhi in the compromising position of sending reinforcements or risking Tripura’s loyalty.

    Tripura’s government has announced it is incapable of crushing the escalating insurgency. "Unless the central government rushes in some additional army and paramilitary troops, we are not in a position to tackle the insurgency with our limited forces," said the state’s Chief Minister Manik Sarkar to Agence France-Presse.

    The state of Tripura has called a strike, shutting down businesses, schools and colleges, hoping it can force New Delhi to get involved. The state wants the central government to act against the rebels in part to safeguard its own control over the province, which has recently been challenged by protests in the south. The protestors accused the state government of complacency in dealing with the rebels – the same accusation made by the state government against New Delhi.

    If New Delhi delays, insurgents will continue to terrorize Tripura. The insurgents seem to be taking advantage of thinned Indian armed forces in the state, a trend likely to spread to separatist movements elsewhere, until the central government responds with increased force. The army has deployed many troops from Tripura to attend to India’s other problems – namely, the ongoing Kashmir struggle and the cyclone disaster in Orissa.

    But the strikes and growing unrest may soon force New Delhi to refocus its attention on the separatism struggle, or risk damaging the state’s loyalty. If the central government capitulates to Tripura’s demands, this would suggest that India’s provinces have a certain degree of control over the capital.

    If the strike is successful, it could also encourage India’s other states to act similarly, hoping to force the central government to bend its plans to suit the provinces’ interests. This could become a major problem for the central government, which is already trying to fight too many battles at once.

    we really envy you people in pakistan. as in india. you dont have poverty, illiteracy, terrorism, communal fights, corruption, no different spending on government and military since both are one. you see you dont have any problems that india have.
    so much of disillusment you have about yourself.