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Nawaz and Saif ur Rehman

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    Nawaz and Saif ur Rehman

    Please read the following two interesting bits of news relating to our "honest" ex Prime Minister and his equally "honest" ex chief of the Accountability bureau:

    Nawaz Sharif allegedly purchased 800 steam engines and 3500 railway bogies at throw away prices form Pakistan Railways for Ittefaq Foundries by declaring them scrap, which led to huge financial losses for the Railways.

    PIA was asked to stop flying on 18 of its most profitable routes because they "were no longer financially viable". The real reason for this was that Saif ur Rehman wanted to give these routes to his own new airline which was to start operations at the end of October 1999.


    I am sure that many more such scandals will come to light in the coming days. The military government should make sure that these allegations are investigated properly and all culprits brought to justice. With friends like Nawaz and his cronies who needed enemies.

    Well said Ehsan.