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    Please Clarify

    Gen Secretary, of International Khatam e Nabuwat, Moulana Manzoor Ahmad Chinuoti, has demanded from Cheif Executive Gen Parvaiz Musharaf, to clarify his position re 'khatam e Nabuwat'. He said that Qadianis are claiming that there are many new entries in Central Cabinet and Security council, and all such people are rejoicing over his take over.

    Moulana Chinouti has also alleged that the Nikah ceremony of Central Minister Omar Asghar Khan, was recited by a Qadiani Moulvi. There was earlier report about Sahibzada Imtiaz Ahmad, a member of National Security Team that his close relative is Qadiani.

    I think Mr Musharaf must clarify these doubts, so that no Qadiani gains any access to him under the curtain of liberalism. Pakistani people are very sensitive in matters like this and those (if there are any) who are trying to get closer under any disguise, must be rooted out. Afterall Gen Musharaf has promised to cleanse Pakistan from all disturbing elements.

    Mr. Chinouti is a lamebrain. He will do anything to have Ahmadis disappear from the face of the earth. The sad (or good) part is that he only represents the sentiments of a handful of fanatics. He is the same guy who paid for Umra (a visit to holy sites) to one of the district courts Judges who refused the Bail of an Ahmadi leader. The crime of that leader was to “Paint Over the Police Station and replace “Chanab Nagar, with “Rabwa”. This later turned out to be a false allegation. Mr. Chinouti gets his stash by exploiting the illiterate. If he is serious about contributing to the well being of Pakistan, he can display a spirit of working together for the good of the nation. According to some reports, he is an alcoholic and a womanizer. I wont criticize that as that is his personal business. Many kids that come out of madrassas financed by him have complained of physical and sexual abuse. These kids will be among the next generation of Pakistani leaders. Musharaff should close all religious Madrassas (the places of brutality and rape). Religious freedom is a right of every citizen, but rapping kids is not.


      Pakistan is for Pakistanis!

      Whether they are sunnis, shias, ahmadi, hindu, sikh, christian,.... If they believe in the Idea of Pakistan, they are Pakistanis.

      Pervez is doing the right thing in not distinguishing on these kind of criteria. We need a country built on meritocracy, not religious hatred.

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        Right on NYA and Naujawan, Pakistan should be for all Pakistanis regardless of their religious affinities. Appointments should be purely on the basis of merit alone. What is desperately required is to get rid of these fanatic mullahs whether they are sunnis or shias and close the madrassas which they run.


          I think Maulana Chinioti should study Islamic teachings in details and depths and still better he should learn more in a language he best commands.

          Fata Morgana


            Jinnah's Pakistan.

            " You are free, free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other places of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed-that has nothing to do with the buisness of the State."


              I had reported on Nov 12, that as per Moulana Manzoor Chinouti, the nikah ceremony of Omar Asghar Khan, a federal minister, was recited by on Qadiyani Moulvi.

              Rtd, Air Marshal Asghar Khan, who happens to be the father of this minister has issued a clarification, saying that no Qadiyani Moulvi was ever allowed to attend the ceremony, even. Leave alone reciting the nikah. He further said that those who allege such a blasphemous remarks are 'lame brain', as he would not want to plunge his son into the abyse of fornication. As if a Qadyani Moulvi would have presided over such a nikah ceremony, the nikah could not have taken place.

              Rtd Air Marshal has further insisted that Moulana Chinouti must submit an appology.


                I don’t know who is the bigger looser? The one trying to justify who officiated at his son’s Nikah, or the other who has nothing else to do? In any event, it is nice to see that both losers have something to work on. Beautiful. Here I thought, Ahmadis are no longer even a consideration.

                We can also start another thread about Asghar Khan and his political party. I don’t think many people have even heard of Tahrik-e-Istaklal. If they all claim to be such good Muslims, how come there are Islamic Parties dime a dozen? Cheap as they come! My advise to them will be to get your own agreements in place before looking towards Ahmadis. The more they spend their time looking at externalities for their own sorry state, the more opportunities they are missing to work towards improving their own standards.

                Again, the sex-life and Alcoholism of Mr. Chinoti are his own affair, and I am glad you didn’t dwell on that. Let’s not bring that into this discussion. But if you like, this can always be another topic.


                  Any update whether or not one looser apologized to the other?


                    Well. Chinouti did and Asghar accepted it. They have now issued a joint communique, pledging to stand togather against any infiltrators!!

                    just kidding!!



                      The correct spelling for 'looser' is 'loser'.