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Radical Islam week stirs debate

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    Radical Islam week stirs debate

    While waiting for the bus, came across the following in the paper. It's interesting how one student body at University of Toronto took it upon themselves to point out stuff about Islam under the context of 'educating' the masses.

    Had their real purpose been to spread awareness, they would've collaborated with the Muslim student body and come up with something decent to dispel the misconceptions about Islam.

    I see it as nothing more than purposely stirring trouble to rile up Muslims.


    Controversy is brewing at the University of Toronto since Monday’s kick off of Know Radical Islam week.

    The event - organized by a group of Jewish students from the Betar-Tagar and the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies - features a series of lectures tackling sensitive topics including female genital mutilation, gay rights in the Middle East, slavery and global terrorism.

    The students defend they are standing up for human and civil rights including freedom of speech, religion and the media. They believe these liberties are suppressed and the Islam religion distorted by “tyrannical regimes such as the Islamic Republic of Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Sudan.”

    “The point of the week is not to alienate anyone,” said 19-year-old philosophy student Arielle Rabinovitch.

    “Our goal is for freedom.”

    “We’re just creating awareness...knowledge is the only way to peace,” added the director of campus affairs Jonathan Jaffit.

    Some opposing students, however, can’t look past the event’s title claiming it reinforces a negative stereotype of Muslims and Islam.

    “My issue is with the image they are portraying of Islam,“ said 20-year-old sociology student Khadijeh Rakie.

    “To single it out is completely inappropriate. I don’t see how any good will come of this for Muslims on campus.”

    In reaction to the event, U of T’s Muslim Student Association (MSA) sent out a message to its 2,000 members advising them to “exercise restraint and dignity in the face of these events.”

    “We believe in freedom of speech...and the importance of tolerance and respect for other faiths,” said MSA spokesperson Safiyyah Ally, a 23-year-old PhD student in political science.

    “It’s up to the students whether they participate in these events.”
    Ref: Radical Islam week stirs debate

    Re: Radical Islam week stirs debate

    How about a radical judaism week?

    Get these guys in to tell us all about why the state of Israel is against judaism.


      Re: Radical Islam week stirs debate

      Simon wiesental centre huh so they a Israeli Squatter state fanclub in reality ok you know what it really does'nt surprise me how low these Jews can get not only are they sly they even lie saying they only interested in spreading message of freedom!