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Fair to remember Partition victims

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    Fair to remember Partition victims

    Fair to remember Partition victims
    Tribune News Service

    CHANDIGARH, Nov 12 ó Dr Tara Singh Sandhu, president of the
    Folklore Research Academy, in a statement here today said a fair
    would be organised near the Wagah border on November 14 and
    15. It would be dedicated to the memory of 10 lakh Punjabis, who
    lost their lives in brutal massacre during Partition in 1947.

    The Punjab Vidhan Sabha Speaker, Mr Charanjit Singh Atwal, will
    inaugurate the fair.

    Dr Joginder Puar, a former Vice-Chancellor, Prof Bawa Singh,
    Deputy Chairman of the National Minorities Commissioner, Dr Ranjit
    Singh Ghuman, and Prof H.S. Mehta will participate in a seminar.

    I am glad to hear that something is being done to remember people who lost their lives because of their religious beliefs. Also, it will remind Panjabis to gaurd their country and freedom.

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      Chann Yar,

      It is beautiful that their sacrifices are being remembered. We need to show to those who lost their lives, that they didnít die in vain. More needs to be done to recognize their sacrifices, and this is a good start. India and Pakistan are proud to display their nuclear arsenal and military might (every independence day, I am sick of watching those tanks and rockets parade through the stadiums. That sight is more disgusting and sickening to me that I can describe) but lack in honoring the real Heroes (those have gave their lives).

      They should never be forgotten!


        oN July 4th USA doesnt display its milatary might with parades. why should we? India and the rest of the world know that pakistan is a kick ass nation.


          definitely a memorial should be built to remember victims of the partition . because the text books in schools in both the countries show the matter in a limited and partial perspective. at least the present and future generation learn how hatred has lead to so many innocent being killed whose only mistake was of being of a particular religion. the memorial will be a point of learning from the mistakes of the past for people of all the communities.


            Why should anyone bother what had happened during the partition. What had to happen has happened. Why cry over the spilt milk? Can anything be done to bring those people back to life. We are not from that era (machine age). We are from the computer age, we should now think of how we can counter the world rouges (islamic militants) who are killing the innocents indiscriminately.

            Why do people not sit and think what can be done to the children especailly those children who really need education, food, Clothing and Shelter instead of collecting money for the dead and misusing the funds why not collect for those needy and make a better place for the future.

            It does not make any sense to either side of the people to sit and remember those who have died for nothing, they have died their own death, they were destined to die.


              Sajjadm, your logic is strange.

              >>those who have died for nothing, they have died their own death, they were destined to die.<<

              thats the whole reason to remember them. Because they died for nothing and they certainly did not die their own deaths. They were killed by janooni people who were no one else but their own neighbours.

              Is not everyone destined to die? if so, why worry about education, food shelter or all the other good stuff you mentioned? hell with it, those poor kids are going to die anyway.....right? I don't think so!

              We may be from computer age but we are still the same very people of flesh and blood...who once in a while turn into shaitans and monsters. Remembering those who died in 1947(and before and after) might make us repent and keep a cool head if the situation arises again.....don't you think we should learn from mistakes? Or computers are going to correct for us in the future?


                Is this fair going to be dedicated to Punjabis only or are they including all victims, including Bengalis who also suffered a lot inspite of doing so much for the freedom struggle.