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State of education in India

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    State of education in India

    India is home to six million primary school dropouts
    NEW DELHI, Nov 16 (AFP) -
    Nearly a third of India's 20 million primary school students are removed from class by their parents, a federal minister said Tuesday.

    Human Resources Development Minister Jaisinghrao Patil said New Delhi planned to stem the high rate of dropouts by providing free education at junior level.

    "The government is very much worried about the problem and trying to ascertain the cause behind it," Patil was quoted as saying by the Press Trust of India.

    "We want to make primary education free and compulsory," he said, adding that a recent strategy to provide free meals had received a good response.

    Almost 48 percent of India's nearly one billion people are illiterate, despite several national campaigns launched since the early 1960s' to strengthen education in the country.