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Nawaz Sharif is still prime minister of Pakistan: CHOGM

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    Nawaz Sharif is still prime minister of Pakistan: CHOGM

    Durban, November 15: The Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting (CHOGM) on Monday delivered yet another blow to the military regime of Pakistan when it categorically stated that it still recognised Nawaz Sharif as the Prime Minister.

    Condemning the unconstitutional overthrow of the democratically elected government in Pakistan, the Commonwealth Declaration which was adopted after four days of intense debate said that "no legitimacy should be accorded to the military regime".

    It decided to take harsh measures including imposition of sanctions against Pakistan if the military regime did not take immediate steps to restore democracy.

    Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee told media persons at the end of the four-day summit that some time has been given to the military regime and "if does not return to Constitutionality, further steps including imposition of sanctions will be taken."

    This tough stand against Pakistan was taken after leaders from various countries favoured stringent measures against the military regime.

    Vajpayee said the decision to suspend Pakistan was a collective victory of Commonwealth which was determined to uphold the rule of law and democratic principles.

    Vajpayee said the decision on Pakistan was a collective victory for the Commonwealth, and India "does not claim any exclusive credit for it".

    The Commonwealth has enough teeth but it is using it only now, he said in reply to another question.

    The Commonwealth in its final declaration has described the overthrow of the democratically elected government in Pakistan as unconstitutional and stated that no legitimacy should be given to the military regime. The leaders put their seal on the recommendation of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) for the suspension of Pakistan from its councils pending the restoration of democracy.

    The leaders who held intense discussion on the Pakistan issue also urged the military regime to release Sharif who is facing charges of treason.

    Oh, what a waste...what a big deal!

    Fata Morgana


      The leaders of Commonwealth don't live in Pakistan, the people of Pakistan do, and they have rejected Nawaz decidedly. Commonwealth should look at the leaders gathered there, how many head democratically elected governments? Pakistan is to be run by Pakistanis and not commonwealth. We will return to democracy when we are ready and not when commonwealth demands it of us.

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        Yes. I agree with Fata Morgana and Ehsan. What the hell do the leaders of the Commonwealth know about Pakistan (or democracy). The centrifugal force of this organization is those depressedly hung by English colonial mentality. England should look at its own system before telling others about democracy. The House of Lords (and the inherited peers) is an example of such a stupid system. Most of these Lords inherit their seats. They vote on laws that affect ordinary citizens. I know the new Labor Government is trying to revisit this issue. Until they have their own house (the Lords) in order, it should stick its foot where its mouth is. Up the English! And the Commonwealth! Pakistan is not Canada, we donít think of Queen as our Mommy!


          When was the last time we heard Pakistan getting any worthwhile help from the Commonwealth or the United Nations? I say whats the big deal if they did suspend Pakistan from the commonwealth? Its not as if Pakistan was speeding towards economic recovery and now with its suspension from the commonwealth, it will go back 50 years. If they want to consider Nawaz Sharif as the Prime Minister still, let them believe so. What does that change? All that commonwealth, USA and others are worried about is the fact that their puppet is no longer in power, and that now they wont be able to have their way with Pakistan, as if they havent raped Pakistan enough. I say good riddance to the commonwealth. And i also believe Pakistan should withdraw from the United Nations. Its a farce. What good is an organization that claims to be a universal one, yet is being run by the veto power of countries.