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    Is POPULATION Growth a NON - ISSUE ??

    Consider the facts :

    1) One in every six persons on Earth is an Indian, today.

    2) One in every 26, belongs to the Indian State Of Uttar Pradesh.

    3) Every-year, India's Population increases by a number equal to Australia's current Population.

    4)Every week , an equivalent of the population Of the Indian city of Bhopal gets added to India's already teaming millions(or should that be , a billion).

    WAIT...I know this is a Pakistan Site...

    Pakistan ,you will agree, has a similar story to tell.
    Pakistan's population growth rate, infact, is more than India's 2.1 %.

    And now consider this :
    NOBODY is doing anything about it.

    While Indian politicians/Parliamentarians have far more "crucial" issues to attend to like the foreign origin of Sonia Gandhi, changing Bombay's name to Mumbai,Caste-based job reservations,minority appeasement etc. etc., the Pakistanis have no real famliy planning programme in place.

    Meanwhile , some commentators (nobel Laureate, Amartya Sen, among them) point out that the population bomb is not something to be feared.Their point is that in Hong Kong and Singapore, the population density is far more than in the Indian Sub-continent and aren't they prosperous !!
    Try saying this to the executive who is hanging out of an over-crowded Bombay local train on his daily travel to office and destined to be greeted by a sea of humanity on the platform.
    The truth is India's population growth has the limited infrastucture busting on its seams.
    Add to this, the obvious consequence of increase in unemployment and hence crime.

    Sanjay Gandhi (Indira Gandhi's belligerant son) tried to do something about it by a coercive procedure.But today, the issue has become a non-entity in India's political circles.And I have reasons to believe its the same across the border too.

    I would like to know what u think about it.

    Sure its an issue. But how to control this problem is a major issue?

    A second thought: Things crash of thier own weight; nature take care of itself. Balance & harmony.

    Fata Morgana


      Mention population control or family planning and you will have the fanatical mullahs breathing down your neck with gun in their hand. In such circumstnces how do you control the population? We have a long way to go before we can properly educate our populace about family planning. It is a time bomb which is ticking away.


        In my opinion it is probablythe the biggest issue for pakistan....
        Reaction from the fundamentalists cannot be an excuse for keeping our head buried in the sand...That is infact all the more reason for tackling it sooner, cause it would take time to sink in...


          OOOOOoh yaaaaaaaaaar people come people go just try to keep that in mind!


          Till next time***K_I_S_S***